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Most TrueSight Server Automation (TSSA) environments consist of thousands, or tens of thousands, of RSCD Agents installed on the Target Servers being managed by the TSSA Application Server.


With so many RSCD Agents enrolled in an environment, and every TSSA job that runs against a Target Server utilizing the Agent, it is not uncommon to encounter various errors when communicating with a subset of the RSCD Agents.


These errors can typically be grouped into a couple of categories:


1) Agent ACL and User Mapping Issues


Examples of such errors, as seen from the TSSA Job Run Logs and Application Server logs, include:


  • No authorization to access host
  • Login not allowed for user


On the Target Server side, examples of the corresponding, and more-detailed, errors which might be seen in the rscd.log include:


  • Failed to map user to local user
  • Host not granted access
  • command: "XXXXXX" not authorized
  • User Impersonation Failed for mapped user
  • No mapping between account names and security IDs was done
  • The user has not been granted the requested logon type at this compute
  • Account restrictions are preventing this user from signing in
  • The user name or password is incorrect


For Windows Targets, the possible Agent ACL and User Mapping errors will depend on whether User Privilege Mapping (UPM) or Windows User Mapping (Automation Principals) are being used.



2) Target Server/Agent Connectivity Issues


Examples of such errors seen from the TSSA Job Run Logs and Application Server logs include:


  • No Route to Host
  • Remote host is unknown
  • Connection timed out
  • Connection refused
  • Connection Reset or Broken Pipe


These errors are often caused by DNS issues, firewall rules, an RSCD Agent not running, intermittent network issues, idle timeouts etc.



Troubleshooting Guide for RSCD Agent connectivity issues


The Truesight Server Automation Customer Support and Engineering teams have produced a new Troubleshooting Guide which can be used to walk through the troubleshooting process for errors such as those listed above. The new Troubleshooting Guide can be found here.



Videos for RSCD Agent connectivity issues


To complement this new Troubleshooting Guide, we have also created a couple of new videos on troubleshooting some of the distinct error messages listed above. More videos will follow on this topic but the first two videos are located here:



Video 1 - RSCD Agent Connectivity Issues - "No Authorization to access host" (KA000266955)





Video 2 - RSCD Agent Connectivity Issues - "Login not allowed for user" (KA000321629)