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“Sean, what the [heck] is this thing and how does it relate to these other, similar-sounding products”


For the more in-depth article, check out John's extensive and well-researched post here: Helix Support: Planning Your Deployment of TrueSight Smart Reporting for Server Automation (TSSR-SA) 19.2.02


Anthony’s BDSSA EOL announcement



What is TrueSight Smart Reporting (TSSR)?


  • TrueSight Smart Reporting for Server Automation (TSSR-SA solution) is the replacement for BMC Decision Support for Server Automation (BDSSA).  It’s a solution made up of two parts: the Data Warehouse component, which gets data from the core application database to a data warehouse database, and the Smart Reporting Platform, which includes the reporting engine, and the out of the box reports content. 
  • The Smart Reporting Platform is shared across solutions, including Helix ITSM, TSOM, TSCO, and TSNA, and will be able to be used and reused across multiple data sources (server, network, capacity).


Which product components do I need to install TSSR?


  • The latest version of the TSSR solution is 20.02 (As of April 2020).  It’s made up of two components:
    • TSSA-DW (Data Warehouse) and
    • TSSR-SA (Reporting Platform) 19.2.02.
  • It is compatible with all 8.9 versions of Server Automation, including BMC Server Automation 8.9.0, 8.9.1, and TrueSight Server Automation 8.9.2, 8.9.3, and service packs.


Can I use TSSR without removing BDSSA?  I want to migrate my reports slowly, while continuing to use BDSSA.



How do I get a TSSR license?


  • If you already have/had a license for BDSSA, you should contact your Sales Representative who can help you get a permanent license for TSSR, and a trial license if necessary.  If you’ve never had a license for BDSSA, you may need to buy a license: contact your Sales Representative.


What’s Yellowfin?


  • Yellowfin is a reporting product that BMC is using for both Smart Reporting and Live Reporting.  They are installed separately and using different instructions.  Start here (TBD) for Live Reporting, and here (TBD) for Smart Reporting.


What’s the difference between Smart Reporting and Live Reporting?


  • Both use the Yellowfin engine, but Smart Reporting runs reports against the data warehouse database, while Live Reporting reports run against the core application database.
  • There are many out of the box reports in Smart Reporting, covering the main use cases of Server Automation, including Compliance, Patching, Job Utilization, RBAC, etc.   Smart Reporting reports can be customized, and “broadcast” via email or FTP.  You can also build custom reports in Smart Reporting. 
  • Live Reporting has near real-time reports for key use cases, including: Patching, Compliance.
  • To prevent performance impacts to the core application, Live Reporting doesn’t support customization of reports.  This doesn't mean you -can't- customize reports, but you should expect them to get wiped out on upgrade.  This is by design.


FeatureLive ReportingSmart Reporting
Use CasesPatching, CompliancePatching, Compliance, Job Utilization, RBAC, others
Real Time Reports?YesNo: typically as soon as ETL completes
Customizable?Not supportedYes
Database UsedCore Application DB ("bladelogic")Data Warehouse (TSSR_DW or BSARA_DW etc.)
Impacts Core App Performance?YesNo, run as many as you want!