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We are glad to announce the release of a newer version of BMC’s Automation Console 20.02.

This console is an interface built on top of BMC Server Automation to simplify the OS patching experience for servers as well as for providing a single platform for vulnerability remediation and patching.

This console is available as a service, called BMC Helix Automation Console (SaaS), and as an on-premises product, called TrueSight Automation Console.

Here are the key highlights for this release:

Ability to create change ticket and approvals:

As part of the vulnerability remediation operation, you can now create a change request in the change management system, which tracks the operations, and goes through a change approval process. After a change request is approved, the operation runs according to the schedule.

Approvers can also reschedule the operation if needed.



Blind spot detection:

Automation Console integrates with BMC Discovery to find servers in your environment and were not scanned for vulnerabilities. Such servers or assets are blind spots and can be a potential security risk as there might be critical undiscovered vulnerabilities on those servers. The Discovered Assets page lists such assets. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on the Discovered Assets page show information about the total number of discovered assets, assets that are discovered but not mapped to endpoints in Server Automation, and assets that are not yet scanned. You must ensure that the discovered assets are scanned for missing patches and vulnerabilities.

Business Service Context:

On vulnerability dashboard, you can also see top 10 business services or applications with the maximum number of vulnerabilities and impacted assets. This will help you in prioritizing the remediation based on the business service impact.


These are just 3 key highlights, to deep dive into whole set of features delivered as part of this release, please go through the documentation link.

Please contact us if you would like to share any feedback.