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If you are using TSSA/BSA to patch your Windows servers, you have hopefully already upgraded to a version of TSSA that uses the new Shavlik SDK version and are happily off patching your servers, because you received a notification from BMC via email, seen a blog post, attended a webinar, or seen the documentation flash page.


If you have not upgraded yet, you need to complete an upgrade before September 30, 2019 to continue patching your Windows servers with TSSA.


Let me elaborate on a few points from the documentation flash page:


You must upgrade the core TSSA infrastructure, that is the AppServer(s), Database and Consoles to a version of TSSA that uses the new Shavlik SDK.


You must also upgrade the RSCD agents on all Windows servers you need to deploy patches to as well.  This unfortunately breaks with precedent.  With most BSA/TSSA upgrades, you typically upgrade the core infrastructure and then roll out RSCD upgrades as change windows permit.  The notable exception to this rule is when there are RSCD side changes to enable new functionality.  The Shavlik SDK update is one of those exceptions.  Both the appserver and the RSCD must be upgraded.


While the flash page mentions a couple versions to upgrade to, there are actually a handful of TSSA versions that include the updated Shavlik SDK.

  • If your appserver and agents are already 8.9.03 then there is no action required.
  • If your appserver and agents are already, then there is no action required.
  • If your appserver and agents are already 8.9.04, then there is no action required.
  • If your appserver and agents are already, then there is no action required.
  • If you have some combination of an 8.9.04.x appserver and 8.9.03 agents, or appserver and 8.9.03 agents, then there is likely no action required, unless you have encountered one of the issues noted below.


However, if you are planning to upgrade, you should upgrade to or later, because you will likely run into a few bugs present in prior versions impacting the agent upgrade process and patching:

Fixed In
DRBLG-116254When you upgrade a Windows RSCD Agent to version, the sbin\BLPatchCheck2.exe binary is not upgraded.8.9.04

When you execute an Agent Installer job against multiple target servers in parallel, some of the jobs fail with the following error message:

Failed to copy installer bundle from file server

QM002409753Upgrading BMC Server Automation 8.9.02 agent on Microsoft Windows servers does not work as expected.
DRBLG-114734Shavlik 9.3 restart handling and robustness8.9.03.001
DRBLG-118439Windows CUJ update is slow8.9.04.001
DRBLG-117288Windows Patch Exclusions Not Working8.9.04
DRBLG-115981Windows Patching Analysis failed in absence of Digital Certificates8.9.03.001
DRBLG-119204After appserver upgrade to 8.9.04, Windows Patch Remediation fails unless target RSCD agent is upgraded to the same SP4.


A few other questions that have come up about the upgrade process:


Can I upgrade my agents to the new version ahead of my appserver upgrade ?

No, the appserver/infrastructure must be updated first.  TSSA/BSA has never supported using a newer RSCD version with an older appserver.


What happens if I can't complete the upgrade process before September 30, 2019 ?

New patch metadata with information about newly released patches will not be available to you and you will be unable to deploy them using TSSA's Patching solution.


Do I also need to upgrade the RSCD on other Operating Systems (Linux, AIX, Solaris, etc) immediately after upgrading the TSSA infrastructure ?

You do not need to upgrade these agents immediately after upgrading the TSSA infrastructure.