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Hello Everyone,


We are super excited to announce the launch of 'TrueSight Automation Console' for TrueSight Automation for Servers. This container based platform significantly simplifies OS patching experience for servers while providing near real time Patch Compliance status. Here are the highlights of this platform:


Simplified patch management

Using new automation console you can define the patch policies that are used for both audit and deployment of patches.

Based on the policy results, you can create remediation actions to apply required patches on the target servers. You basically just choose the policies, targets, remediation options, schedule (maintenance window), and receive notification (alerts).  It is a big step forward and provides greater ease of use, and makes it easier to deploy patches in this intuitive interface.




KPI driven Dashboards

The Dashboard shows patch compliance health. It reflects KPIs such as:

  • Patch Compliance of the environment
  • Assets missing patch SLAs and critical patches
  • Age of missing patches
  • Remediation trends
  • Visibility into the patches that are missing on the most number of servers

You can also:

  • Filter the dashboard data using filters for operating system, severity, and the patch policy.
  • Drill down on widgets to get details
  • Export data to share with stakeholders



Deploy missing patches

Based on scan results of patch policies, you can schedule the deployment of missing patches during the maintenance window. Also, you can choose the reboot options for the target servers as well as staging schedule for patch payloads.


Service Level Agreements(SLA)

SLAs define the period within which the missing patches need to be remediated. You can define SLAs based on your organization's policies.


Container Based Deployment

TrueSight Automation Console is packaged as docker containers which are easy to deploy.

You can install TrueSight Automation Console both in Interactive as well as in Silent mode.

It is a three simple step process to install TrueSight Automation Console:

  • Setup Stack Manager
  • Setup Database
  • Setup Automation Console application


For details, please refer the documentation at


Customers who want to understand more about this offering and to gain access to the software should reach out to the respective account manager.