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In the Part 1 we saw how you can create a web based repository configuration of JFrog artifactory. In Part 2 we will see how you can create the depot software for deploying an application like notepad++ to windows targets.


Create a Depot Software for custom software


In this step you want to link the software payload http path with the depot software. The steps are usual as creating a new depot software. I will show here how you can do it for Custom Software. You will get the following screen to select the software payload. You can live browse the web repositories and select the payload you want to deploy. To pull the latest version from the repository for every deployment check the box "Download during deployment". Click on OK.

Now you will come across the screen where you can give the name and deploy/undeploy related commands for the software payload. For notepad++ we have shown it below. Please zoom in the browser if the commands are not visible. Click Next.

Go through the wizard for the rest of the screens similar to Depot Software and click Finish and you are all set!!


Deploy the software to the selected servers


Now you can execute the deploy job just like other deploys jobs by right click on the depot software created.