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Need of central repository for software payloads


A lot of customers use the file servers as remote repositories for storing the payloads. Where as having multiple remote repositories can give you scalability but when you want to host a software for which there are frequent releases and you want to maintain latest version of that software accessible to deploy it becomes an involved effort for the team. This is true especially when you have a servers distributed across the departments with different people as IT leads owning set of servers having unique requirement of softwares that need to be installed on them.


TrueSight Server Automation with its release offers you a way to store all your payloads at a central web repository and download the payloads latest version through a https url. In this release there is a out of the box integration with generic type repository of JFrog Artifactory. The pre-requisite is you need to have a JFrog Artifactory of Generic Local type repository already configured and uploaded your software payloads to it.


You can be ready to deploy the software payloads in three simple steps:

  1. Configure the web repository in RCP Console
  2. Create a Depot Software
  3. Create a Deploy job


We will see how to use these three steps in three parts of this blog.


Configure the web repository in RCP Console

As shown below create the Web repository configuration by following steps:


Click on add button to add new web repository configuration. Here you enter the artifactory url and the JFrog user and password. Click Next.

On next screen you can select the WebRepositoryConfig object level authorization to the role you are currently logged in RCP console with.

Click OK and then Click Finish on the parent screen.


Click on Part 2 to see how you can create the depot software for using https url and deploy the the software.