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I am super excited to share that TrueSight Server Automation 8.9.04 release is GA!! Following are the salient features of this release.


Job qualification check

You can now set the maximum number of servers targeted by a job. Every time you perform the following actions, a message with the number of target servers is displayed. This option is available through GUI only.

  • Create Job
  • Create Execution Task
  • Modify Job
  • Execute Against
  • Execute a job

Powershell integration

  • Execute PowerShell scripts through Type 3 NSH Scripts and scriptutil.
  • Extended Objects can support PowerShell script natively.
  • Option to generate script logs for Network Shell script job for ease of parsing.
  • Ability to easily pass custom arguments while launching PowerShell scripts as well as simple configuration to set the launch command for PowerShell.



Added platform support

  • Windows Server 2019 operating system
  • Ubuntu 18.04 operating system
  • POWER9 architecture

Compliance Content

  • CIS for SUSE 12 and Windows 2016
  • PCI for Windows 2016
  • DISA,PCI,CIS templates of old OS versions have been upgraded to the latest template versions.


For more details please visit Service Pack 4: version 8.9.04 - Documentation for TrueSight Server Automation 8.9.00 - BMC Documentation