Problem: Exposed Cloud Records

Spend 5 minutes searching in Google and you quickly realize that enterprise security in the public cloud is at meltdown. In 2017, 2 billion public cloud records were exposed, and 2018 is on pace to establish a new high-water mark.


Velocity of change in cloud servicesRegularly updated and maintained security policy libraries, with automated "find and fix"
Velocity of change in your apps & microservicesStandards-based security and compliance policies, applied consistently across CSPs, accounts, and apps
Security talent shortage; Security drowning in workAutomation
Limited or outdated security posture visibilityEnterprise-wide security wide posture visualization, spanning CSPs, accounts, apps, and containers


Solution: TrueSight Cloud Security

Just as TrueSight Server Automation and TrueSight Vulnerability Mgmt are ideally situated for automating your on-prem IT security, so too is TrueSight Cloud Security optimized for security of the enterprise's increasing and rapidly changing footprint in the public cloud.  TrueSight Cloud Security is a SaaS security and compliance solution which automates security checks and remediation of your cloud resource configurations and containers.  Because it is SaaS and includes an extensive bench of security policies, you can literally begin securing your cloud in 5 minutes or less. Click here to try TSCS.


Why TrueSight Cloud Security?Dashboard View

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Key Benefits of TSCS

  • Automated security checks and remediation of cloud resource configurations (Google Cloud, AWS, Azure) and containers
  • Full-stack container security, from the Kubernetes cluster down to the run-time Docker container
  • Multi-cloud visibility at a glance, spanning cloud platforms, accounts, and applications, with ability to drill into details


Webinar: What's in the demo?

The following webinar includes

  • a description of the current situation of cloud security (0:55),
  • an explanation of why cloud security is such a struggle (5:37), and
  • a demonstration of TSCS to find and fix a misconfigured Elasticsearch resource on AWS (14:30).


Remediation is built into the solution, ready to use from the word "go."  No complex coding required.  Just point, click, and fix.  TSCS will work behind the scenes, to automatically reconfigure the cloud resource so that it is secure.



But please, don’t take my word for it. Try it yourself. Take the free 14-day trial. No strings attached. Connect TrueSight Cloud Security to your cloud. Check your security posture.  Fix your security issues.  And tell us what you think!


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