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September 25, 2018 - Important update to below alert:

BMC Software has negotiated an extension of support for Shavlik version 9.1 to provide BMC Server Automation users additional time to upgrade. With this extension, users now have until September 30, 2019 to upgrade the BMC Server Automation infrastructure and the BMC Server Automation RSCD agents running on Microsoft Windows target servers.

Users who cannot upgrade their BMC Server Automation environment and Windows targets to one of the patches/releases listed in this topic by December 31, 2018, must instead reconfigure their environment by December 31, 2018, in order for Windows patching to continue to function.

This flash and prior notification (below) are now modified to reflect this update.



Updated original notification from May 2018::


BMC Software is alerting users of BMC Server Automation for Windows Patching, that action must be taken before December 31, 2018 to ensure continued functioning of Windows Patching within the BMC Server Automation product beyond that date.


One of the following actions must be taken:


a) Upgrade the BSA Environment, including the RSCD agents on all Windows Targets used for BSA Patch Analysis, by December 31, 2018


b) A minor configuration change must be made to the BSA Environment by December 31, 2018 followed by an upgrade before the extended EOL date of September 30, 2019


Please see this updated Flash Bulletin in the BSA Documentation for full details.