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Ever wonder how to get servers into BladeLogic?  Many of us are experienced users, but I meet people every week or two that want to know where to start.  What better place than asking how to get a server into BladeLogic so you can manage it?


Walkthrough: Adding a Windows managed server - BMC Server Automation 8.5 - BMC Documentation


Next step: Live Browse:


After that: audit a single configuration (like DNS entry, installed app, or service):


Check the overview here: Automation Academy content available for BSA 8.5, and, stand by for the official announcement, and I'll link the content from the How do I get started with BladeLogic (TSSA/BSA/TSSR-SA/TSAC/TSAS)?  How do I learn more about BladeLogic?  How do I use it to do my job?  Solve problems for my company? (Getting Started) page.


Many thanks to our great IDD/docs team, to those who've worked on and led this project.