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TrueSight Server Automation (formerly BladeLogic Server Automation) allows you to quickly and securely provision, configure, patch, and maintain physical, virtual, and cloud servers.

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Recent Activity

Rahul Parekar
We need to know if BSA will support Windows Express patches. Microsoft offer two patches per month, Cumulative patches that contain ALL patches for an OS and Deltas which contain only patches for the…
Alan Weston
The BSA "Completed Job Runs" view is a useful tool, but it's limited to displaying only up to 100 records. 100 is too small and there should be an option to allow for more records. In our environment…
S Crawford
Running in, when trying to add a simple property to the built-in Server class, the following error comes up when trying to save it: The property that is being added is very simple.  We… (Show more)
in TrueSight Server Automation
Frederic Renaud
Hello,   I'm currently looking at the documentation for RESTful web service to execute jobs in Truesight Server Automation v8.9 SP4 RU1 and it doesn't work.   I've got this NSH script job (the real… (Show more)
in TrueSight Server Automation
Hamish marson
Knowing just the Job folder and Job Name, I need to get   1. A list of runid's for a job (i.e. How many times has it run) 2. Whether the job is currently running or not 3. The list of targets for… (Show more)
in TrueSight Server Automation
Greg Michael
I'm working on building up our TSSA environment.  Our pre-production instance was the first instance that was available to me to install Yellowfin on.  It was installed at the v8.9.0.3 version… (Show more)
in TrueSight Server Automation
Madhu Pruthi
The requirement is to set schedule instead of deploying the remediation job immediately (Execute Job Now) created automatically from patch analysis job. Please let me know if there is a blcli for the… (Show more)
in TrueSight Server Automation
Marcel Drechsler
I couldn't find any information on this, is there a way to "logout" from a SOAP session?
in TrueSight Server Automation
Matthew Ragland
I believe it would be beneficial to be able to view deploy job logs from batch job logs. This would avoid having to hunt for the deploy job to just view the logs.
Parag Desai
TSSA 8904   Hi,   Is there a way to add the filter for for docker for Ubuntu linux 16.04/18.04? I see an option to upload the xml file in PGC for Ubuntu? Do we have a sample file available for… (Show more)
in TrueSight Server Automation
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