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TrueSight Server Automation (formerly BladeLogic Server Automation) allows you to quickly and securely provision, configure, patch, and maintain physical, virtual, and cloud servers.

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Recent Activity

Russell Peck
We are beginning to test GIT as a content repo for team-managed scripts and other content. We'd like to add JFrog/Artifactory integration as a content repo for user-generated content.   Thank you.
Brent Carter
I have an ACL policy that contains some basic authorizations which should apply to all objects across the board. Occasionally, this policy is removed, inadvertently or otherwise. GUI is not really a… (Show more)
in TrueSight Server Automation
Mateusz Pieta
Hello, im struggling with one issue that i recently noticed. We are executing NSH scripts against targets servers using execution tasks to overide parameter passed to the script. All of this is… (Show more)
in TrueSight Server Automation
Marie Farah dela Cruz
Hi,   I have a compliance job that has a discovery signature for “_AGENT_STATUS” where I’m filtering for alive agents only. In my compliance results,  it seems that there were servers tagged as… (Show more)
in TrueSight Server Automation
Knowledge Admin
This document contains official content from the BMC Software Knowledge Base. It is automatically updated when the knowledge article is modified. PRODUCT: BladeLogic Server Automation Suite…
in TrueSight Server Automation
Yanick Girouard
Introduction   The first use case...   Our company provides IT services for other customers, and we use BladeLogic as a central management tool for server automation, compliance, patching and…
Luiz Silva
HI all,   I am writing scripting to create custom BLPackage:   BLP_GROUP='/0-patching' BLP_FOLDER='/EMP/AppOI' BLP_NAME='AppOI_UAT3' BLP_description='Teste de criacao' BLP_ID=`blcli DepotGroup… (Show more)
in TrueSight Server Automation
Narendra Kousick Ramakrishnan
Hi,Unable to patch the RHEL server getting this error."Cannot process patches missing in the catalog,Error: Missing patches not found in the depot".The patches are not present in RHEL repo. How to… (Show more)
in TrueSight Server Automation
Rahul Boraste
Hello ALL,   I am upgarding BSA from 8.5 to 8.6 , now I am stuck at DB upgrade step.   I am using SQL server Database. How do I migrate and upgrade DB schema.   I have downloaded DB upgrade… (Show more)
in TrueSight Server Automation
Kim Wharton
Coming up on October 18, 2018 is BMC’s annual user event, the BMC Exchange in New York City!     During this free event, there will be thought-provoking keynotes including global trends and best… (Show more)
in TrueSight Server Automation
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