• How to Lookup/fetch particular information/value from the file in a SNMP process Workflow in Truesight orchestration

    How to Lookup/fetch particular information/value from the file in a SNMP process Workflow in Truesight orchestration.   We have an requirement like the below: The SNMP messages are flowing into CDP server, the m...
    Mallikarjun Sanjawadmath
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  • Unable to get user email address in Work Order adapter response

    Hi all,   I am trying to get Work Order details using the process Get Work Order by Work Order ID.   In my adapter response, I am unable to get the email address.   Adapter response includes the othe...
    Sujay Sanglikar
    created by Sujay Sanglikar
  • need to remove double quot  " " from string

    Hello guys, i want to remove double quotes from string using basic xml. is any one know the answer.   Input: "abc" output should be : abc only.   Thanks & Regards, Pratik.
    Pratik Kumbhare
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  • Extract Email from Work Oder ID

    Hi,   Hope you are doing great.   I'm facing a challenge to extract email from a work order id by this <schema>WOI:WorkOrderInterface</schema>.   Can you suggest me any other schema by wh...
    Abhishek Changan
    created by Abhishek Changan
  • We are trying to run a command through Windows command adapter but geeting below response

    Hello All,   we are running below command through windows command adapter     wmic /node:usctapd250014 /user:"EIMBIAUTOMATION" /password:"Cdeploy@20" process call create "C:\windows\system32\cmd.exe ...
    Chittaranjan  Patra
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  • How to Extract file content from Excel sheet and create remedy

    Hello All,   we are having a use case and we want to extract the excel file and wanted to create a remedy ticket per row , can you please suggest us the ways how can we accomplished this task .   Regards, ...
    Chittaranjan  Patra
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  • FILE Adapter with JSON file

    Hi Team, I am trying to write JSON(valid or Invalid) into a text file but I am not able to write into it and getting error. if I remove the JSON with the normal text the file is getting created with correct content. ...
    MdAkram Shaikh
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  • BAO Workflow from Remedy

    Hi All, I have a generic query, i have few Workflows which are running perfectly inside the AO Developer studio. However when i submit WO , it is showing the Alert message in Grid.log and process also gets called o...
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  • WorkOrder Update Error : Support group is not configured

    Hello,   I'm trying to update the details of a workorder, in Remedy, Request manager --> Support Group Name, but I'm get below error.   The Support Group "EIM_DELIVERY" is not configured for assignment ...
    Abhishek Changan
    created by Abhishek Changan
  • Option to pass credentials in TrueSight Orchestrator Workflow

    Product Team Review
    34 votes
    Automation has evolved into various forms. Nowadays, automation has its footprints almost in every business sector such as FMCG, finance, retail, telecom and so on. BMC has its own automation products and I would like...
    Hariharan Devaraj
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  • Replicate cURL option -b or --cookie in a HTTP:Post process BAO - Atrium Orchestrator

    Hi everyone.   I'm trying to replicate a cURL request in a HTTP Post Process. But I don't know how to put the cookie value in the http-connection-properties.   I do cURL request like: curl -H "X-Requested...
    Juan Carlos Ruiz
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  • can we read excel file using BMC AO

    Hello All,   I am using BMC AO , in one of the use case we need to extract the file content from excel , can you please suggest us the way how this task can be accomplished using BMC AO.   Regerds, Chitta...
    Chittaranjan  Patra
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  • connect remote windows server with BAO

    Hello All,   can you please suggest how we can connect a remote windows server with BAO , please let us know if it is possible with windows command adapter and how to we can accomplish this .   regards, C...
    Chittaranjan  Patra
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  • Error while copying a file from BAO/TSO server to target server via workflow using Commandline adapter

    Dear All,   I am developing a workflow to copy a file from my BAO server 9windows) to the target server (all windows) before running/executing the script. I am using a command line adapter and out of the box com...
    Yogeesh Kompa
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  • To trigger a workflow when new Work Order is created.

    Hello,   I'm new to the TrueSight Orchestration, need help we my process flow.   We've created a process in TrueSight Orchestration but it needs to trigger automatically when a new work order is created in...
    Abhishek Changan
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  • Provide a mechanism in which the TrueSight Development Studio can connect to previous versions of the CDP

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    11 votes
    In its current form, the TrueSight Development Studio cannot properly communicate with CDP servers that are not running the same version.  For example, the Dev Studio version 8.2.0 cannot talk to any other CDP un...
    Greg Michael
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  • We have a use case where we want to read, write the data from a excel in CMDB.

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    2 votes
    TSO should be capable of reading Excel (.xls, .xlsx) file same way as it work for .csv   We have a another team which uses Windows Orchestrator (Scorch) to read a excel and upload data in CMDB. We want TSO capab...
    Kavita Durge
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  • Update TSO to include support for ciphers that enable Forward Secrecy and 2-way SSL ciphers

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    7 votes
    After much back and forth with BMC Support and Engineering, it has been determined that the current versions of TSO do not support much of the newer encryption ciphers.  The default installations still use CBC_SH...
    Greg Michael
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  • Allow Password Masking via BAO REST Adapter

    Product Team Review
    43 votes
    We are facing a common community issue with the BAO REST Adapter, which is outlined here:  https://communities.bmc.com/thread/182837?start=0&tstart=0   We would like to be able to use secure variables, ...
    John Deere Operations
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  • Can BAO read Excel file

    Hi all Can we read content of Excel file using BAO? Is it feasible,if yes how we can do the same.?   Regards, Shweta
    Shweta Rathi
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