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TrueSight Orchestration Content 20.19.02 Patch 3 is now available. This patch provides a few enhancements.

New module for automatically importing scan files in BMC Helix Automation Console and TrueSight Automation Console

A new Vulnerability Management module introduced in this release enables you to automatically import the vulnerability scan results file in BMC Helix Automation Console (SaaS) and TrueSight Automation Console (on-premises).

This module downloads the vulnerability scan files from the Tenable Nessus server based on a schedule and imports it into Automation Console. After a successful import, the file is deleted from the TrueSight Orchestration – Configuration Distribution Peer server. Automating this manual process reduces the time required for managing vulnerabilities. The Vulnerability Management module is compatible with BMC Helix Automation Console and TrueSight Automation Console version 20.02 and 20.08.

For details, see Vulnerability Management module

New application adapter for Ansible

Ansible is an IT automation tool that can configure systems, deploy software, and orchestrate advanced IT tasks such as continuous deployments or zero down-time rolling updates. The application adapter for Ansible connects to Ansible control node to perform supported operations. The adapter is based on the SSH protocol and consists of an actor adapter only.

For details, see Ansible adapter.

Support for ServiceNow in ITSM Automation runbook

The ITSM Automation runbook now supports ServiceNow as an IT Service Management system. You can perform all the operations supported by the runbook with ServiceNow. To use the runbook with ServiceNow, you require the ServiceNow adapter, and the AutoPilot OA Change Management module.

This runbook supports the ServiceNow Orlando release.

For details, see ITSM Automation runbook.

New Orchestration actions in the Event Orchestration runbook

The Event Orchestration runbook now supports Orchestration actions that perform the restart service action using TrueSight Server Automation. The new actions are performed using TrueSight Server Automation NSH commands instead of TrueSight Orchestration adapters. This ensures that even if the credentials of the target server are unknown, the services are restarted with the help of TrueSight Server Automation agents.

In this release, the following actions can be run using the NSH commands:

  • Start Apache Web Server via TSSA
  • Start Microsoft Skype Service via TSSA
  • Start Print Spooler via TSSA
  • Start SNMP service via TSSA

For this enhancement, apart from the other components required for the runbook, additionally, you require the new BMC-SA-Event_Orchestration_Service_Down_Via_TSSA and BMC-SA-Event_Orchestration_Configuration modules included in the patch zip kit and the TrueSight Server Automation adapter and adapter module.

For details, see Orchestration actions via TrueSight Server Automation.