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Key Features


New Jira Adapter

New application adapter for Jira that integrates with Jira REST APIs to perform operations for managing Issues. With this adapter, you can create new issues, update issues, add comments, and notify users for changes made to any issue in Jira. 


New CyberArk Adapter

New application adapter for integrating with CyberArk is introduced in this release. This adapter consists of an actor adapter and provides operations for session management, to retrieve passwords, and work with safes, safe members, and accounts.


New Kafka Adapter

New application adapter that integrates with Apache Kafka, which is a distributed streaming platform that can be used for building real-time data pipelines and streaming apps.


New Orchestration Actions in the Event Orchestration runbook

In this release, 12 new out-of-the-box Orchestration Actions have been added to the Event Orchestration runbook:


  • Free up disk space
  • Start Apache Web Server
  • Start Microsoft SQL service
  • Start Microsoft Exchange service
  • Start SNMP service
  • Start Print Spooler
  • Start PATROL Agent
  • Start Oracle service
  • Start Microsoft Skype service
  • Start BMC Remedy AR System Server service
  • Start RSCD agent
  • Start TrueSight Server Automation service


Support for encrypted headers in the REST adapter

With this release, the REST adapter now supports specifying encrypted data in the headers element in a request.


Support for PowerShell Core in the PowerShell adapter

PowerShell adapter now supports the new edition of Microsoft PowerShell Core. By default, the adapter invokes PowerShell commands using either the PowerShell.exe or Xcmd utility. To use PowerShell Core, you must specify the executable in the adapter configuration.


Support for invoking multiple commands using the Common Operations Actions utility

With this release, you can now use the Invoke Command Common OA utility workflow to invoke multiple commands using the <commands> element. This can only be done using the SSH mechanism for invoking commands.


Support for new operations in TrueSight Network Automation adapter

In this release, the following new operations are added to the TrueSight Network Automation adapter, which support the TrueSight Network Automation Web Services API.


API class


The RuleService class provides services to retrieve and import rules.

  • Import Rules
  • Get Rule
  • Get Rules
  • Get Abbreviated Correctable Rules

The UserService class provides services to add, modify, delete,
retrieve all users, and retrieve a particular user by using the user name or user key.

  • Get Users
  • Get User by Key
  • Get User by Name
  • Add User
  • Modify User
  • Delete User

The ComplianceService class provides calls related to
TrueSight Network Automation compliance.

  • Create Compliance Predefined Job
  • Execute Compliance Job
  • Get Compliance Detail Results
  • Get Compliance Summary Results



For more details please take a look at the documentation here: