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At times it is required to reset the Test Env. CDP or any other peer back to freshly installed state, to do that, follow these simple steps and take a backup file system before doing so.


  • Stop the CDP or Peer Service.
  • Removed files from KahaDB located at AO_HOME/server/.jms/activemq-data/ao-grid-framework-embedded-broker-<guid>/KahaDB
  • Removed log files located at AO_HOME/tomcat/logs


Reset Peer:

Removed following:

  • "server" folder located on AO_Home
  • "messages" folder located on AO_Home
  • all XML files in "config" folder except authentication.xml, tuning-config.xml and installation_audit.xml
  • all files in tomcat/work/Catalina/localhost (except RSSO folder for embedded RSSO)
  • all files in tomcat/temp

Then start peer service.  It will re-create all those files and directories, just like the first time it starts up.


NOTE: These steps are only for non production environment, do not try these step in production.