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TrueSight Orchestration v8.2.00

A containerized deployment version combined with a refreshed repository UI and event orchestration enhancements drives value for customers:


  • Containerized Deployment:  The solution can now be deployed in a containerized version on the Docker engine.
    • Benefits: Faster adoption and time to value for orchestration use cases; seamless upgrade and install experience; container benefits of elastic scalability, portability and OS independence extended to Orchestration
  • Refreshed Repository UI: new, modern UI for the repository where customers can manage content and create new workflows.
    • Benefits: Improved user experience for building customized automation workflows.
  • Event Orchestration runbook (TrueSight Orchestration Content 20.19.01): Tighter integration with TrueSight Operations Management enables an operator to initiate actions from the TrueSight console which trigger triage and remediation workflows in TrueSight Orchestration. New use case “Host Down” introduced as an OOTB feature as well as support for custom orchestration use cases.
    • Benefits: A more automated and streamlined way to deploy automated remediation workflows to decrease MTTR and drive ITOps efficiencies and cost savings. 


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For more information, see BMC Docs release notes here:

8.2 - TrueSight Orchestration

20.19.01 - Event Orchestration runbook