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Highlights of the release:



BMC TrueSight Orchestration has been re-branded to TrueSight Orchestration



New Runbooks

  • New ITSM Automation runbook with pre-built workflows to provide Closed Loop Change Automation.  Features include improved bidirectional integration between the Change ticket and the Automation tool it is used with, improved bulk CI association with ability to log failed CI associations, support for user defined Change Templates among others.
  • New Event Orchestration runbook to automate event life-cycles leveraging a scalable, extensible and configurable framework with out of the box support for BMC Remedy ITSM and TrueSight Operations Manager.


Adapter Certifications

  • BMC Database Automation adapter now supports BMC Database Automation v8.9.02
  • BMC Network Automation adapter now supports BMC Network Automation v8.9.02
  • BMC Server Automation adapter now supports BMC Server Automation v8.9.02
  • BMC TrueSight Operations Manager adapter now supports BMC TrueSight Operations Manager v11.0
  • BMC Remedy Adapter now supports BMC Remedy Action Request System 9.1.03


Adapter Enhancements

  • The TrueSight Operations Manager actor and monitor adapter now supports Transport Layer Security (TLS) mode encryption protocol.
  • New operations are added to the Remedy AR System actor adapter to support bulk transactions.

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