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the BMC Engage this year was very successful! Personally, this was the first time I attended the event. Besides having had the privilege  to assist Anthony in the "BMC Atrium Orchestrator Product Overview and Key Use Cases: Connect and Streamline Cross-IT Processes" session, I was able to conduct the lab "Automation and Orchestration Hackathon". We've spend additional time with the attendees and it was fantastic to see the folks getting involved.




As there were quite some sessions on the orchestration subject hosted by our customer, I'd like to highlight just a few, in no particular order:


The Hackathon

The lab documents are posted here:

If you are interested in the "BMCS-University" module to use the workflows in your own lab, let me know. I'd like to schedule a WebEx to explain in detail how this module is configured and how you can leverage the workflows further.


The overall scenario is presented in this image:



In addition, I've document the lab setup here:



Regards, V.,aka Orchestrator