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BMC Atrium Orchestrator 7.8 adds new functionality that is not backward compatible.  BAO now has a 'While' activity in Development Studio that can be used in processes.  BAO users that have multiple installed environments, such as production, staqing, dev, and test, maybe not be able to upgrade all environments in a timely manner.  It may happen that development environments and developers are on BAO 7.8, while production environments are still previous versions, and development and deployment of new modules to production can't be halted in the interim.


We've been asked more than once how to handle this.


BMC will not be providing support for, or backporting, the new While activity available to BAO 7.8 to versions of BAO prior to that.  Modules created and/or edited in BAO 7.8 dev studio or later, may still be usable on grids running BAO 7.6.03 or 7.7.xx.


BMC Atrium Orchestrator QA has tested modules created in BAO 7.8 Development Studio on a BAO 7.6.03 grid.


  • If a BAO 7.8 module contains no processes with the new While activity, jobs will execute as expected.
  • If a BAO 7.8 module containing processes with While activities is activated on a 7.6.03 grid, the module will activate, but any job that executes a process containing a While activity will fail without compensation.
  • Modules created in BAO 7.8 containing While activities cannot be imported into previous versions of Dev Studio.  It will throw errors until the offending module is removed.