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Automate your Data Center with the Sentry Software’s Adapters for BMC Atrium Orchestrator

In a competitive environment where changes need to be implemented in no time, SAN Administrators can no longer rely on archaic manual methods but should rather count on an automation and orchestration solution. By automating all the routine tasks, such a solution reduces the time required to perform operations, ensures compliance and consistency, and helps implement cloud computing. However, this important move to automation and orchestration tools should not be performed in a hurry. Only proven solutions, such as the Sentry Software’s adapters for BMC Atrium Orchestrator, can enable standard and consistent storage management.


Mike is an experienced SAN Administrator and as such, he can perform almost any storage operation required on his SAN. However, as his SAN evolves and operates more as a service provider, Mike must deploy service-oriented infrastructures and management processes to provide greater levels of services while reducing costs. Meeting this challenge is complex and requires a management approach that is easy to use and based on automating end-to-end management operations.

Luckily, Sentry Software has the solution that Mike has long been looking for: specific adapters for BMC Atrium orchestrator. Fully designed to integrate into BMC Atrium Orchestrator, these adapters can automate all the routine tasks that Mike is asked to perform daily on almost any storage system, SAN switch, or Symantec NetBackup server. Thanks to the Sentry Software’s adapters, Mike can for example:

Collect any information about storage systems, disks, volumes and switches, commission and decommission storage capacity, or perform restore operations on Windows and UNIX/Linux platforms.

Mike can also use the adapters to optimize the power consumption in his datacenter. A workflow can indeed be designed to dynamically adapt the size of the server farm to workload. Idle systems can be shut down and only turned on when required, which can dramatically reduce the energy bills!

The Sentry Software’s adapters have therefore been an invaluable resource for Mike to achieve his objectives. And this is not the only good news! Thanks to the Sentry Software’s adapters, Mike will see: his IT workflows shortened from weeks to hours, his IT costs and delays reduced, his policies and best practices been consistently applied, and higher levels of service been offered!

For all these reasons, Mike chose to trust in Sentry again and adopt its storage automation solutions for BMC Atrium Orchestrator!



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Regards, "Smooth Orchestrator"