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TrueSight Orchestration

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Key Features


New Jira Adapter

New application adapter for Jira that integrates with Jira REST APIs to perform operations for managing Issues. With this adapter, you can create new issues, update issues, add comments, and notify users for changes made to any issue in Jira. 


New CyberArk Adapter

New application adapter for integrating with CyberArk is introduced in this release. This adapter consists of an actor adapter and provides operations for session management, to retrieve passwords, and work with safes, safe members, and accounts.


New Kafka Adapter

New application adapter that integrates with Apache Kafka, which is a distributed streaming platform that can be used for building real-time data pipelines and streaming apps.


New Orchestration Actions in the Event Orchestration runbook

In this release, 12 new out-of-the-box Orchestration Actions have been added to the Event Orchestration runbook:


  • Free up disk space
  • Start Apache Web Server
  • Start Microsoft SQL service
  • Start Microsoft Exchange service
  • Start SNMP service
  • Start Print Spooler
  • Start PATROL Agent
  • Start Oracle service
  • Start Microsoft Skype service
  • Start BMC Remedy AR System Server service
  • Start RSCD agent
  • Start TrueSight Server Automation service


Support for encrypted headers in the REST adapter

With this release, the REST adapter now supports specifying encrypted data in the headers element in a request.


Support for PowerShell Core in the PowerShell adapter

PowerShell adapter now supports the new edition of Microsoft PowerShell Core. By default, the adapter invokes PowerShell commands using either the PowerShell.exe or Xcmd utility. To use PowerShell Core, you must specify the executable in the adapter configuration.


Support for invoking multiple commands using the Common Operations Actions utility

With this release, you can now use the Invoke Command Common OA utility workflow to invoke multiple commands using the <commands> element. This can only be done using the SSH mechanism for invoking commands.


Support for new operations in TrueSight Network Automation adapter

In this release, the following new operations are added to the TrueSight Network Automation adapter, which support the TrueSight Network Automation Web Services API.


API class


The RuleService class provides services to retrieve and import rules.

  • Import Rules
  • Get Rule
  • Get Rules
  • Get Abbreviated Correctable Rules

The UserService class provides services to add, modify, delete,
retrieve all users, and retrieve a particular user by using the user name or user key.

  • Get Users
  • Get User by Key
  • Get User by Name
  • Add User
  • Modify User
  • Delete User

The ComplianceService class provides calls related to
TrueSight Network Automation compliance.

  • Create Compliance Predefined Job
  • Execute Compliance Job
  • Get Compliance Detail Results
  • Get Compliance Summary Results



For more details please take a look at the documentation here:

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BMC Change Automation 2.0 is an integration between BMC Server Automation and BMC Remedy Change Management. The communication between the two applications is achieved through BMC Atrium Orchestrator. This solution improves overall efficiency and effectiveness of IT Operations through improved automation and coordination of Change Management activities.


The goal of this use case is to automate the change tracking process whenever an automated job execution requires approval.


Products needed in this use case

  • An automation system such as BMC Server Automation (running on premises)
  • An intermediate transport layer such as BMC Atrium Orchestrator (running on premises)
  • A change management system such as BMC Remedy Change Management (running on premises or on demand)
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TrueSight Orchestration platform v8.2 has been certified against external RSSO 19.08

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Remedy and CMDB adapters from TSO content version 20.19.01 have been certified against Remedy version 19.08.  Click here for related documentation.

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TrueSight Orchestration platform v8.2 has been certified against external RSSO 19.05

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The Script is designed to Monitor Grid Manager, Repository Manager, CDP's and Peers for critical attributes like for Peer it keeps a tab on Available Memory, Used Memory, Total Heap Memory, JVM Uptime, Management Grid Status, Main Grid Status, CDP/Peers Components Status (Health, Library Manager, Configuration, Context, Scheduler, Metrics, Job Manager, Adapter Manager, Activity Processor) and All Adapter status active on any Peers in the Grid. In case script find any issue in the adapters, grid or peer components it sends an email notification to the eMail address mentioned in the "Config.xml"


The script/tool has been written in python 3.6.6 version and can be run Windows or Linux machine irrespective of your BAO environment, Script leverages BAO REST API and Python web scraping techniques to collect data from REPO, Grid Manager and Peers.


To run the Script/Tool in Windows you can either directly run the executable file without the need of installing python 3.6.6 and its supporting library or you can install the python 3.6.6 and add required modules. (required module : requests)


To run script in Linux you would have to download and install python 3.6.6 or above and add "requests" module via pip or manually.


There are two version of the script attached, version v1.0 has been designed and tested primarily for BAO version 7.9.x and version v2.0 has been designed for BAO/TSO 8.x and above. All configurable parameter of the script/tool are controlled by "Config.xml" which should be kept in the same folder as script.


Version v1.0 features :

  • Monitors Grid Status, Active Threads,  Available Memory, Uptime etc

  • Peer Components Status

  • Adapter Status on all peers

  • Send Email Notification

  • Silent mode where all the result of the script get logged in log file.


Version v2.0 features: (version 2 has optimized code as from BAO/TSO 8.x peer components status are available through API and web scraping in not required to collect the same)

  • Monitor Repository

  • Monitors Grid Status, Active Threads,  Available Memory, Uptime etc

  • Peer Components Status

  • Adapter Status on all peers

  • Send Email Notification

  • Silent mode where all the result of the script get logged in log file.

Version v2.1

  • Password Encryption in Config.xml file
  • Password encryption tool


Version v2.1.1 (Fixes and Enhancement)

  • Reacquire authentication token when session expires.
  • Deduplication of Email Notification: Email notification are now only sent once to report unique issue unless there is a change in status of the issue email notification will not be sent in each iteration.


Enhancement in development:

  • Create Incident ticket in ITSM tool (Remedy or ServiceNow) to report the issue. (Beta testing in progress)
  • Create Event in Truesight Infrastructure Management aka TISM via REST API (In development)
  • Run Script/tool as Windows Service (In development)
  • Basic Remediation to fix identified problem (In development)


Steps to configure the script. (Note: Ensure script or executable and Config.xml file are kept in same folder)

1. Getting the Grid ID for your Grid Manager, login to the Grid Manager and go to Manage>Grids>Select your Grid Name and click on pencil sign for edit. copy the ID  and Grid Name as show below and past it in "Config.xml"

2. Provide your CDP server IP/FQDN and port details along with BAO/TSO admin account in the "Config.xml", also in "schedule-interval" provide the time interval in secs for script to check Grid Status, default is set to 90 sec however I would recommend to use at least 300+ sec (i.e. 5 mins + ) as "schedule-interval".

3. If you have only one Peer (i.e CDP) set "monitor-peers" to "False", else to monitor additional peers like HACDP, AP's and LAP's set it to "True" and provide peer details as show below in the respective peer tag.

4. SMTP server details are crucial for this script and you can customize email notification subject or body text, script support both "secure" and "unsecure" connection, for my local mail server I have set the field "Secure" as "False" however most mail servers required secure connections so set it to true.


5. If you are using self signed or CA signed certificates in your grid and peers set the "AllowInsecureRequest" as "True", else for manage MPKI signed certificate this can be set as "False", If you are running the script for initial test and wants to print the status/result on screen, set "print-onscreen" as "True". However I would suggest to set this on "False" once the configuration is completed properly so that script can be run in background and you can review things from "BAOMonitioring.log" (Note: Set the logging-level to "DEBUG" when 'print-onscreen' is set to "False" and if 'print-onscreen' is set to "True" set the logging-level to "INFO" )


6. Set the threshold limit for "Available Memory" is set via memory tag, its basically the memory limit after which script will start sending email notification to inform that available free memory of Java heap has dropped below set limit (default has been set as 200 MB) and Active Threads is set via threads tag, it basically is a trigger if BAO/TSO is consuming more thread than set limit as shown below

7. Repository URL, needs to be set only for version v2 script as show below.

Sample Config.xml

   <Subject>BAO Monitoring script found some error in the Grid</Subject>
   <Message>BAO Monitoring script reported concerns for below components</Message>
   <peers peerType="HACDP">
   <peers peerType="AP">
   <peers peerType="LAP">


Note: If you don't have HACDP or AP or LAP, comment the particular tag in Config.xml using <!-- <tag>--> or remove the tag.


Sample Config.xml for 2.1 version.

   <Subject>BAO Monitoring script found some error in the Grid</Subject>
   <Message>BAO Monitoring script reported concerns for below components</Message>
<!-- <peers peerType="HACDP">
  </peers> -->
   <peers peerType="AP">
<!-- <peers peerType="LAP">
  </peers> -->


Note: For password encryption to work set "enable-encryption" to true and provide BAO password and SMTP password as encrypted through encryption tool.


Steps to Run or Deploy the script or executable.

  • In Windows with .exe file.

        After Configuring the "Config.xml" file double click on executable to run directly or run it from command prompt.

  • In Windows from .py file

        After Configuring the "Config.xml" file, Open command prompt and Type "python" then space followed by the script file name or to run in background type pythonw then space followed by the script file name.

  • In Linux from .py file

        After Configuring the "Config.xml" file, from terminal type python3 then space followed by the script file name and to run in background type python3 then space followed by script file name space followed by "&"

       example for running in background

               python3 &



Encrypting Password for version 2.1

  • To encrypt password run the passwordtool.exe in windows and provide the password string as show below along with operation as "encrypt" and copy the encrypted output to the config.xml file for respective encrypted password tag.

        passwordtool.exe -p P@ssw0rd -o encrypt


The Script/Tool has been designed only as a proof of concept by me, so kindly use it at your own discretion.


If anyone would like to contribute to the script below is the GitHub link for source.

GitHub - sandeep239/BAOMonitoringScript

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At times it is required to reset the Test Env. CDP or any other peer back to freshly installed state, to do that, follow these simple steps and take a backup file system before doing so.


  • Stop the CDP or Peer Service.
  • Removed files from KahaDB located at AO_HOME/server/.jms/activemq-data/ao-grid-framework-embedded-broker-<guid>/KahaDB
  • Removed log files located at AO_HOME/tomcat/logs


Reset Peer:

Removed following:

  • "server" folder located on AO_Home
  • "messages" folder located on AO_Home
  • all XML files in "config" folder except authentication.xml, tuning-config.xml and installation_audit.xml
  • all files in tomcat/work
  • all files in tomcat/temp

Then start peer service.  It will re-create all those files and directories, just like the first time it starts up.


NOTE: These steps are only for non production environment, do not try these step in production.



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TrueSight Orchestration v8.2.00

A containerized deployment version combined with a refreshed repository UI and event orchestration enhancements drives value for customers:


  • Containerized Deployment:  The solution can now be deployed in a containerized version on the Docker engine.
    • Benefits: Faster adoption and time to value for orchestration use cases; seamless upgrade and install experience; container benefits of elastic scalability, portability and OS independence extended to Orchestration
  • Refreshed Repository UI: new, modern UI for the repository where customers can manage content and create new workflows.
    • Benefits: Improved user experience for building customized automation workflows.
  • Event Orchestration runbook (TrueSight Orchestration Content 20.19.01): Tighter integration with TrueSight Operations Management enables an operator to initiate actions from the TrueSight console which trigger triage and remediation workflows in TrueSight Orchestration. New use case “Host Down” introduced as an OOTB feature as well as support for custom orchestration use cases.
    • Benefits: A more automated and streamlined way to deploy automated remediation workflows to decrease MTTR and drive ITOps efficiencies and cost savings. 


Any question or feedback? comment below

For more information, see BMC Docs release notes here:

8.2 - TrueSight Orchestration

20.19.01 - Event Orchestration runbook

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Key Features




  • For the first time, Containerised deployment of TrueSight Orchestration platform and content
  • Refreshed user interface and improved user experience for Repository
  • Support for RSSO 18.11 and 19.02




Event Orchestration


Event Orchestration provides a seamless and out of the box orchestration capability via TrueSight Operations Management (TSOM) to automate event life cycles.  In this release we have introduced below features which are available from upcoming TSOM v11.3.02 onwards;


  • TSO Component registration in TSOM
  • Context aware orchestration actions in TSOM
  • Intelligence to detect and update incidents created via BSR
  • Support for custom orchestration actions
  • New out of the box “Host Down” use case


Adapter Certifications


  • VMware Infrastructure adapter now supports VMware vSphere version 6.7
  • BMC TrueSight Operations Manager adapter now supports BMC TrueSight Operations Manager 11.3.01
  • BMC Server Automation adapter now supports TrueSight Server Automation 8.9.04
  • BMC Network Automation adapter now supports TrueSight Network Automation 8.9.04
  • BMC Remedy AR System adapter now supports BMC Remedy AR System 18.08
  • BMC Atrium CMDB adapter now supports BMC CMDB 18.08


Adapter Enhancements


  • HTTP adapter now supports application/json content-type in the body
  • REST adapter now supports encrypted headers





  • 8.2 onwards, Oracle Java 8 has been dropped as the bundled java platform.  It has been replaced by Azul Java 8.
  • Support for Oracle Solaris for platform TSO installation has been dropped 



For more details please take a look at the documentation here:

8.2 -

20.19.01 -


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For a quick product overview, answers to How To questions, understanding product fundamentals and some advance topics please refer to this Youtube playlist with more than 100 videos on TrueSight Orchestration;

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Remedy and CMDB adapters from TSO content version 20.18.01 have been certified against Remedy version 18.08.   Click here for related documentation.

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TSO content version 20.18.01 has been certified against TrueSight Server Automation (TSSA) version 8.9.03.

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TSO platform v8.0 SP1 (8.0.01) and v8.1 Patch 1 ( now support Remedy Single Sign-On version 18.08 for external RSSO implementation.

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Coming up on October 18, 2018 is BMC’s annual user event, the BMC Exchange in New York City!




During this free event, there will be thought-provoking keynotes including global trends and best practices.  Also, you will hear from BMC experts and your peers in the Digital Service Operations (DSO) track.  Lastly, you get to mingle with everyone including BMC experts, our business partners, and your peers.  Pretty cool event to attend, right? 


In the DSO track, we are so excited to have 3 customers tell their stories. 

  • Cerner will speak about TrueSight Capacity Optimization and their story around automation and advanced analytics for capacity and planning future demand.   Check out Cerner’s BizOps 101 ebook
  • Park Place Technologies’ presentation will focus on how they leverage AI technology to transform organizations.
  • Freddie Mac will join us in the session about vulnerability management.  Learn how your organization can protect itself from security threats.  Hear how Freddie Mac is using BMC solutions. 


BMC product experts will also be present in the track and throughout the entire event.

  • Hear from the VP of Product Management on how to optimize multi-cloud performance, cost and security
  • Also, hear from experts on cloud adoption.  This session will review how TrueSight Cloud Operations provides you visibility and control needed to govern, secure, and manage costs for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud services.


At the end of the day, there will be a networking reception with a raffle (or 2 or 3).  Stick around and talk to us and your peers.  See the products live in the solutions showcase. Chat with our partners.  Stay around and relax before heading home. 


Event Info:

Date: October 18th 2018

When: 8:30am – 7:00pm

  • Keynote begins at 9:30am
  • Track Sessions begin at 1:30pm
  • Networking Reception begins at 5:00pm

Where: 415 5th Ave, NY, NY 10016


For more information and to register, click here.


Look forward to seeing you in NYC!  Oh, and comment below if you are planning to attend!  We are excited to meet you.

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TrueSight Orchestration platform v8.1.00 patch 1 has been released.  Below issues have been fixed in the same;


Issue IDDescription
DRAUM-23717Adapter executions with large datasets in the response take a long time to return a response.
DRAUM-23879If no input parameters are passed in the body for the Execute Process REST API call, a null-pointer exception occurs. This issue occurs only if the logging level is set to DEBUG for the Web Services component of the platform.


For details on downloading and installing the patch, please visit below link;

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