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I'm happy to announce the General Availability (GA) of BladeLogic Network Automation (BNA) release 8.6.00.  BNA represents the network services component of the BladeLogic Automation Suite of Server Automation, Database Automation, Middleware Automation and Atrium Orchestrator.  BNA also automates L2-L7 on-premise network provisioning and network resource management for BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management (CLM).  This release extends network change, provisioning, and compliance features across a broader swath of devices to help your organization get to the next maturity level in infrastructure automation.  Be sure to visit the BNA Communities page to share discussions, content, and, if you’re already a customer, join the BNA Customer Advisory Program (CAP).


Here are some of the highlights since the last minor release:


Compliance against regulatory audits, industry standards, organizational standards and vendor vulnerabilities remains a key initiative of BMC customers.  With 8.6.00, BNA introduces a Compliance Risk Assessment Kit (CRA Kit) that includes a standard set of CIS benchmarks to do a quick assessment of your current network settings.  This is available to everyone (not just customers) so ask your BMC rep or drop me a message for more information.  The CRA Kit rules can be used for PCI audits and will not only detect current benchmark violations but also produce the commands required to remediate.  It provides a small taste of the full benefit you could achieve with BNA.


If you’re a Cloud Lifecycle Management (CLM) customer, BNA 8.6.00 is backwards compatible with CLM 4.1.  BMC continues the strategy of using BNA for cloud networking automation so you can enjoy the benefits of network change and configuration management of your traditional network equipment supporting cloud now and of your Software Defined Network (SDN) in the future.  CLM Network enhancements in BNA 8.6.00 include expanding NFV support with certification to latest Cisco Prime Network Services Controller (PNSC), support for Cisco CSR 1000v, support for Palo Alto Firewalls, more flexible POD and network container management, more flexible IP Address Management (IPAM), and automated DNS updates.


Responsiveness to customer requests continues to be a key focal point.  We implemented twenty features submitted to our crowd sourcing Request For Enhancement (RFE) system, IDEAs.  Be sure to visit the IDEAs folder in BNA Communities to submit, vote, or comment on IDEAs.  IDEAs implemented include improvements to UI, API, and Job flexibility.


Network device vendors continue to introduce new and updated models in both physical and virtual editions including VRF, virtual contexts, and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and so a common strategy in all our releases is to ensure a round of updates.  Expanded support for both virtual and physical devices was added in this release as well as the ability to manage VRFs.  Platform support was refreshed also ensuring the latest versions of supported OS, DB, and browser versions were certified.


Install and upgrade of BNA has always been simple. Be sure to get on the latest and greatest BNA, version 8.6.00, right away.


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