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We are excited to introduce you to our new YouTube channel “BladeLogic Automation” for "How-to" videos, intended to help with a specific task or feature of products in the BladeLogic Automation suite (BSA, BDSSA, BDA and BNA).





Focused contents:  The contents of this channel will only focus on providing technical videos for the Server Automation, Decision Support for Server Automation,Database Automation and Network Automation products.   This content is developed by the BMC Support technical teams.


Featured Playlists: The channel will focus on technical contents, such as how-to, troubleshooting guides and functional demonstrations. Similar features/functions and categories will have their own Playlists to reduce the time to search the contents.


Snippet of our Playlists:

Click  to receive notifications when the new technical content is posted on the channel and to get the most out of the products – BSA, BDSSA, BNA and BDA.

Refer to our "Playlists" to play all the videos organized by topic or a product.

Here are the current Playlists:


We welcome feedback from the community.

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