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Hello Everyone,


I am excited to announce the newer release of TrueSight Network Automation 8.9 Service Pack 4 Patch 1 a.k.a, which has combination of features which were critical customer's asks, important fixes including security fixes.


Here are the highlights for this release:


Added more content sync capability to Multi-Server Administration:

Earlier, you could sync combo groups & device security profiles, now, you can push the following types of additional contents from a single application server to multiple application servers:

  • Global Substitution Parameters
  • Templates


Capability for adding groups to a combo group in Text field:

Earlier, you could add groups to a combo group by choosing operators and groups from menus. From this release, you can add operators and groups by entering Boolean expressions in a text editor.



Ability to set default violation severity for a new rule:

You can now define the default violation severity that should be assigned to a new rule. This can be defined by using a new system parameter, Default Violation Severity in the System Parameters page.


In addition, following capabilities were added:

  • Added support for A10 Networks Load Balancer.
  • Ability to assign groups to devices while importing from CSV and assigning devices to groups while adding/editing groups.
  • Support for validating device configuration passwords using additional algorithms
  • Added following additional device type support for vulnerability management:
    • Extreme Networks
    • Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Aruba
    • Palo Alto


For details, please refer following documentation link:


Also, do not forget to check important issues which were fixed as part of this patch release at:

Known and corrected issues - Documentation for TrueSight Network Automation 8.9 - BMC Documentation


At the end, I would like to request you to please provide us feedback in the comments section below or shoot an email to