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I am super excited to announce the release of a new version of TrueSight Network Automation 8.9 Service Pack 4 a.k.a 8.9.04.

Here are the highlights for this release:


Multi-Server Administration

We are launching a new console for syncing content & device searches across multiple instances of TSNA using a single interface. Using the Multi-Server Administration console, users would be able to sync Device Security Profiles & Combo Groups across multiple sites of TrueSight Network Automation servers. Not just that, the user would be able to search devices across different sites and launch the site from MSA portal.  The user can register all sites which need to be managed to the MSA portal.


This portal will be useful if you manage more than one TSNA server such as for Dev, QA, Stage or Production or if you keep a separate TSNA server per region.


Pushing TrueSight Network Automation events to EMS (event management software)

Now, you can push the events generated in TrueSight Network Automation to one or more syslog servers, defined as event receivers. This will allow TSNA events to be fed into log analysis solutions like TrueSight Operations Management(TSOM) or Splunk log managers.


Support for SAML 2.0

TrueSight Network Automation now supports SAML 2.0 (SSO) as the authentication mechanism with CA Single Sign-On as the Identity Provider (IdP) along with existing authentication mechanisms such as RADIUS, TACACS & LDAP. This means that you can launch TSNA server for SSO portals such as OKTA or CA Single Sign-On and the user would not be asked for credentials separately.


Support for latest version of Entuity

TrueSight Network Automation integrates with Entuity for a network monitoring solution. You can trigger TrueSight Network Automation jobs directly from Entuity to make desired changes. We have started supporting latest version of Entuity v 17.0.



We have expanded our RESTful APIs to now cover:

  • Device Agents
  • Discrepancy summary report
  • Dynamic Fields
  • Email distribution lists
  • Event Receivers
  • External event filters
  • External Links
  • Global substitution parameters
  • Job Approval Types
  • Remote File Servers
  • Roles
  • Security Vulnerability Importer
  • SNMP Manager Stations
  • Templates


As we are expanding our RESTful APIs, we suggest users migrate from SOAP API to RESTful APIs.


Along with this, because we are committed to keeping the tool as secure as possible, TrueSight Network Automation components (Multi-Server Administration, Application Server & Remote Device Agent) that use a bundled Java environment are shipped with Open JDK 11.


And these are just the highlights!  Check out the page below for the comprehensive list of what is in 8.9.04:


8.9.04: Service Pack 4 - TrueSight Network Automation 8.9


Thank you for all your support and I look forward to hearing your feedback.