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I am excited to announce the release of BNA 8.9 Service Pack 2 a.k.a 8.9.02.  We have been listening to you and working tirelessly to give you the best network automation product in the market that enables you to be some of the most efficient and productive network engineering and operations folks out there !


Here are some of the highlights of the release:


Network SecOps & RESTful APIs

  • BNA’s vulnerability management capabilities now tie into Response Service. If you have not heard of Threat Director (on-prem solution) / Response Service(SaaS solution), our  solutions for vulnerability management across your datacenter, talk to your account manager about a presentation and a demo.
  • RESTful APIs: We have expanded our RESTful APIs to now cover RuleSet, Rule and Predefined Job services. As we expand our RESTful APIs, I’d like to remind our user community that the SOAP APIs will be supported but will not be enhanced going forward.


EOL management

  • Manage EOL of devices with our new capability that can automatically augments EOL information to devices, starting with Cisco devices. Don't be caught with security vulnerabilities in devices that have EOLed anymore !


Performance & Scale

  • Folks that are managing 10s of 1000s of devices or even 100s of thousands of devices, we’ve listened to how long some of the reports can take and and have addressed it with our report thread pooling enhancement. There is improvement across all reports, as compared to the previous release, but the ones I wanted to mention a few in particular:
    1. Device Inventory report - 90% faster
    2. Compliance Summary report - 81% faster
    3. Transcript Search report - 78% faster
    4. Configuration Comparison report - 68% faster
    5. ACL Search report - 48% faster
    6. Transcript comparison report - 36% faster
  • With several refactorings and optimizations on the backend, you can now manage up to 50,000 devices with a single instance of BNA . We will be updating the sizing recommendations shortly.


Device Adapter Development Guide


Enhanced Customer Experience, Security a Supportability

  • Device Inventory report can now be emailed through a job/policy
  • Simply recreate jobs with failures, to run them again ONLY on failed devices
  • Job filter has new groupings to make filtering easier 
  • OS Image filename filtering via white-listing or black-listing of filename patterns to disallow malicious file uploads
  • Runtime guards against incorrect database transaction isolation level settings

And these are just the highlights !  Check out the page below for the comprehensive list of what is in 8.9.02:

8.9.02: Service Pack 2 - BMC Network Automation 8.9


BMC Decision Support - Network Automation 8.9.02 is generally available as well.  Starting this release, BO configuration will not be part of the installer for BDS-NA.

We have included a  separate utility to deploy the BO content i.e. Import BIAR, Connection, User Creation in CMC and the JDBC driver configuration for all the supported database servers. Find details here: 8.9.02: Service Pack 2 - BMC Network Automation 8.9