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BNA 8.9.01 now available !


I am very pleased to announce that BNA 8.9 Service Pack 1 is now available with the following new capabilities which we think you are going to find very useful !


Here are some highlights of the release:

1. RESTful APIs

We are introducing RESTful APIs with Swagger UI which is a user-friendly interface to experiment with the REST API calls with no need to write any programs to do so. See more here:

We will support SOAP APIs but no new enhancements will be added*.


2. Network SecOps and Rule engine enhancements

  1. Rule filter enhanced to allow filtering for:
    • rules which cannot be corrected,
    • rules which are correctable via:
      • correctable via Deploy to Active action
      • correctable via Deploy to Stored action
      • correctable via Remediate Action
  2. Rules can now check for specific configuration in conjunction with OS version, for a sharper vulnerability detection.
  3. Compliance summary report now can optionally show Base Score associated with vulnerability rules. Also the vulnerability rules now link to the associated vulnerability improving user experience to access Remediation recommendation from the vendor or other vulnerability information.



3. Expanded import/export capabilities

In addition to the existing compoenets, you can now export and import the following as well:

  • Combo groups,
  • Keywords, Conditions, Policies,
  • Dynamic Fields
  • Roles

This will enable environment specific customizations are your content-sync needs between dev/test/production environments or between multiple BNA instances for example.

*This is available as part of the existing ImportExportService WS API (SOAP).



4. Reporting enhancements

1. You can now choose to hide header in addition to footer during CSV export of the following:

    • Custom action captured results
    • Events list
    • Jobs
    • Predefined jobs
    • Policies
    • Send Email span action

2. Custom trail configurations can now be compared by launching the Configuration Comparison report through external URL



5. Performance improvements

With this latest release the engine has been tuned to fetch data more often from memory than from the database, so you should see improved performance of the following:

  • auto-groups
  • Dashboard
  • Event list page
  • Job list page
  • Rules list page
  • Job Details report


6. Platform enhancements

1. Support of OS management for Alcatel OmniSwitch 6860E-24

2. Microsoft Server 2016 is now supported

3. Microsoft SQL Server 2016 and PostgreSQL 9.5.6 is is now supported as well.



These are just some of the highlights of the release.

Check out the page below for the comprehensive list of what is in 8.9.01

8.9.01: Service Pack 1 - BMC Network Automation 8.9


Thanks !