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BMC Network Automation 8.9 is now Generally Available !


We continue to round out Network SecOps feature set and BNA 8.9 is now integrated with BMC Threat Director 2.2.

We have expanded the capabilities of the rule engine to be able to remediate security vulnerabilities in particular, (rules in general)  which is a unique differentiator for BNA.


Take a quick look at the release highlights below.


Network SecOps & Rule Engine enhancements

  • Integration with BMC Threat Director version 2.2
  • Remediation of rule violations by means other than SmartMerge or full configuration push
  • Remediate with multiple rule sets and rules
  • Support for CVE ID association with rules


Extending SDN support for CLM

Note that these will be integrated into CLM in a forthcoming CLM release, but available through APIs in BNA 8.9

  • Support for Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN)
  • Pods and Containers with NSX


Customer Experience and Supportability

  • Use proxy file server for configs and OS image file transfers
  • Import/Export of Global Substitution Parameters
  • API updates to SpanActionService, JobService, RuleService, PodService, ImportExportService
  • Expanded device support for: Check Point GAiA, MRV OptiSwitch, Cisco Nexus 9000 Series switches and Juniper device type.


And that is just some of the highlights of the release. Check out the page below for the comprehensive list of what is in 8.9.


Let us know what you think.


Thank you !