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On behalf of the BNA team, I am very excited to announce the general availability of BNA 8.8!

Take a quick look at the release highlights:


Network SecOps

  1. WS API for vulnerability import
  2. Rule engine updates to support EOL checks


SDN support

SDN support in 8.8 has standalone support for the Cisco ACI and VMWare. This enables the compliance use cases for these systems.

  1. Support for Cisco ACI:
    • Device adapter for APIC controller
  2. Support for VMware NSX:
    • Device adapters for:
      • NSX Services Gateway
      • NSX Logical Router
      • NSX Distributed Firewall
      • NSX Manager

The device adapters also support deploy actions for the above which form the basis for supporting these in the Cloud Lifecycle Management (CLM) context in a future release.


Customer Experience and Supportability

We have addressed several outstanding requests made on “Ideas” page by customers and support


  1. Compliance Summary Report by rule
  2. Include span selections in exported/imported compliance content
  3. Restrict user access through WS API
  4. Option to “Include debug trace” in jobs, on a per job basis
  5. Enhanced System Diagnostics report - event and job counts
  6. CSV Export capability has been added for Discrepancy Summary Report


These are just the highlights; find a comprehensive list of enhancements here: 8.8.00 enhancements - BMC Network Automation 8.8

Let us know what you think.


Thank you !