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A heads up to those BNA customers who use our Pod and Network Container Management (PCM) functionality to integrate with the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management (CLM) product.  I recently revised our documentation on how to create custom content for PCM.  The revised version is a little more realistic and corrects a few errors that were present.  In conjunction I have updated the sample XML files referenced by the documentation.  The new documentation and new sample files will be included in the upcoming 8.8.00 release of BNA.  However I am posting the content here as well.  The content is accompanied by Webex recordings I made in which I step through the documented instructions for creating the sample content.


The zip attachment for this blog post includes the following:


Instructions.htm - An HTML version of a Word doc that contains the instructions for creating the sample custom content.

Spreadsheet.xlsx - A copy of the planning spreadsheet used in those instructions.

recordings/ - A subdirectory containing Webex recordings that step through the instructions, one recording per section.

sample/ - A subdirectory containing the XML blueprints and templates generated by following the instructions


Note that the document assumes you are already somewhat familiar with what pods and containers are in BNA, and the purpose they server in the CLM integration.


Feel free to leave feedback on whether you find this documentation helpful, along with any suggestions for improving it.



Steve McWilliams

BNA Software Architect