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This is a very exciting release with a great new set of features and updates around Network SecOps, Customer Experience, Integrations and Application Security.


Release Highlights:


Network SecOps

With BNA 8.7, the system is now aware of security vulnerabilities. Import vendor security advisories into BNA, one-click to automatically generate a compliance rule, and run a compliance summary report to see which of your devices are vulnerable - all in real-time.

This runs on an enhanced compliance engine that can now:

  • Ease vulnerability and EOL checks
  • Apply a rule to one or more:
    • Selected models
    • Device types
  • Facilitates numerical value comparison
  • Facilitates more accurate comparison of operating system versions
  • Supports additional subjects of Lines and Patterns for OS Image names


Customer Experience

New and Improved GUI:

    • Rebranded and refreshed BNA GUI in 8.7. BNA GUI now sports a new, modern look and feel in keeping with the new BMC color scheme
    • Several user experience improvements including a spinner instead of a dialog box, when a page is loading.


Performance Enhancements:

    • Improved performance of smart merge generation of large ACLs
    • Improved performance for Compliance Summary and Configuration Search Reports


    Ideas and RFEs:

    • Capability to purge historical configurations by realm and device type
    • Associate rulesets/rules with groups based on group name filter
    • Compare captured results across more than one job
    • Deploy OS image by Web Services
    • Wildcards in SSH proxy
    • Script to import devices and runtime parameters from a csv file as input to a job
    • Export Compliance Summary report to CSV
    • Increased "purge after" max limit to 366 days
    • Increased max length limit for captured results & runtime parameters to 2000 chars
    • Changed default value of Initial Memory on installation screen to 512MB


Pod and Container Management enhancements for CLM

  • Add chained pod address pools with different pool masks
  • Splitting of VLAN pool
  • Support for firewall rule dis-contiguous mask (Cisco FWSM)


Find the comprehensive list of 8.7.00 enhancements here:


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