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The current release of BMC Network Automation (BNA) allows users to purge offline devices, historical hardware inventories, and historical configurations across their entire network. The enhancement in BNA 8.7.00 extends the existing functionality to allow the user to specify a specific purge criteria on a per-realm basis.


The device-related purge system parameters that were previously located on the System Parameters page have been moved to the Realm add/edit pages. Additionally, in BNA 8.7.00, the following new purging options have been introduced:


  • Purge Historical Configurations By Configuration Trails
  • Purge Historical Configurations By Device Types


The following screenshot shows a realm with all the purging options specified:



This enhancement allows the user to have complete control around how long and how many historical configurations are maintained by the system on a per-realm basis.


Note how per-trail and per-device type criteria are specified, and how fallback criteria apply to any configuration not falling into the per-trail or per-device type purge criteria.


Along with the above changes, on the Admin ->System Parameters page, the maximum value for the "Purge Events After" and "Purge Completed Jobs After“ parameters have been increased from 120 days to 366 days.