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TrueSight Network Automation (formerly BladeLogic Network Automation) accelerates reliable network configuration changes to increase agility, reduce costs, and lock down security.

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Edward Hysaw
Can only select one device at a time to do an ssh session. Would be nice to be able to select multiple devices to SSH into at one time. This would be helpful when running the same script on each…
Edward Hysaw
This question was has not been answered. From my own experience, I have experienced this issue when deploying an IOS and it fails. The IOS is removed but the bootstatement points to a IOS that is not… (Show more)
Sumeet Hemnani
Command Details: Check Version Command: sh ver | i INSTALL Cleaning Up Command: software clean      Do you want to proceed with the deletion? [yes/no]: yes Copy File Command: copy ftp://****…
Edward Hysaw
Would like to include OpenGear device adapter to allow BNA to manage OpenGear devices. I created a basic adapter that snapshots the config but does not do any device management (i.e. stage code, etc).…
Seth Paskin
Hello TrueSight Network Automation community! My name is Seth Paskin and in my role directing Technical Marketing I'm working to make BMC Communities more effective and enjoyable for you. This post… (Show more)
Meeta Lalwani
Hello Everyone,   I am excited to announce the newer release of TrueSight Network Automation 8.9 Service Pack 4 Patch 1 a.k.a, which has combination of features which were critical… (Show more)
Amol Kotwal
Hello Experts,   could you let us know how Ldap groups mapping can done in TSNA ?   for example, we have Group Named TSAN_Admin in LDAP how we can map that in TSNA?   do we need to create same… (Show more)
Amol Kotwal
Hello Experts,   I can see see by default max historical configurations per device is 50 and purge is of 90 days.     Is this means if we have 51st configuration backup, it will purge the 1st… (Show more)
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