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TrueSight Network Automation (formerly BladeLogic Network Automation) accelerates reliable network configuration changes to increase agility, reduce costs, and lock down security.

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Recent Activity

Amol Kotwal
Hello Experts,   Can you let us know what is the use of "Device Facing NIC" in TSNA?   We have multiple customers which has Ip and subnet clashes. In that case would adding multiple NIC helps?  … (Show more)
Satish Potnuru
Hi,   We are upgrade the IOS image on Cisco Switches but not happening and getting the error : Cannot deploy non-archive style OS Image on this device. We are using .bin file and Network team… (Show more)
Amol Kotwal
Hello Experts,   How can we configure to send backup summary report of failed devices only for 2 consecutive times?   I can see condition snapshot request failed where we can provide the occurrence… (Show more)
Mark Rodgers
We have version 8.9 of TSNA.  Using IE, I select the Device and then Telnet/SSH. We then get a popup window that shows no status, and blank console window. When using Edge, on the same device, the… (Show more)
Ephraim Devasiachen
We have a requirement to add Dell switches in BNA, as they are clones of Cisco switches; configurations are similar as that of Cisco. It is likely that different Dell switch models can also be…
Ian Beck
The Cisco EOL Process needs to be able to support the use of a Proxy for where direct Internet access is not possible, to the Cisco EOL platform.   Thanks Ian
David Cupitt
I find the number of mouse clicks required to navigate the UI sometimes too many. I'd like to see some improvements with the menu structure that allow faster navigation.   Some thoughts of how to…
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