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TrueSight Network Automation (formerly BladeLogic Network Automation) accelerates reliable network configuration changes to increase agility, reduce costs, and lock down security.

Announcement 1 Short Technical Videos for TrueSight Automation products(BSA,BNA,BDA,BDSSA)
Announcement:Short Technical Videos for TrueSight Automation products(BSA,BNA,BDA,BDSSA)
Announcement 2 How to holiday shop while your boss thinks you're hard at workAnnouncement count
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Recent Activity

Thomas Stiefel
We have a complex setup for Network Containers (NC) in a complex environment. Many customers are running on many different VMware clusters. Each cluster has its own vSphere Distributed Switch (vDS),… (Show more)
Stuart Rosenfeld
Currently the device import task for BNA 8.9.03 has a pre-defined template for importing devices from a Discovery 11.3 instance, however this requires supplying a username and password from…
Bala Dengale
Hi Team,   Any one aware if there is support or way to automate Network devices through Cisco APIC SDN controller?   If not supported OOTB, What should be best way to automate this?   Thanks, Bala… (Show more)
Wayne Duke
As I was looking for support for the device, I noticed that there were already four idea requests out there. So, I put links to them all right here in this message. Currently there is no network…
Meeta Lalwani
Hello Network Experts,   Thank you for using TrueSight Network Automation and continuously providing valuable feedback. As the product manager for TrueSight Network Automation, I keep on getting…
Shamal Ghodke
Hi All,   Can we change the credentials of routers and other devices added through network automation  ? If yes, How can we change the credentials ?     Thank you in advance Shamal
Matt Hausmann
Make it possible to extract the BNA Dashboard event log out of BNA via the API or some other method for archiving and audit purposes. The API EventService class does not currently support a “get”…
Scott Hinote
I would like a new report type to be added for events. On the events dashboard I can filter for events then export or email them but I would like this new report type to be available in policies for…
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