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Dale Willis
Is it possible to setup the configuration database so that it is stored on a NAS drive, so that if a server were to fail, or a datacenter go down, that then we could turn on the other server bring up… (Show more)
in TrueSight IT Data Analytics
Raul Torres
Hi,   I'm trying to collect the content of a log with a content like this: 01/09/2017 13:16:22 TCPX 012500 TCPE COMUNICA ON Error (78) en la conexion IP_Destino( Port(5040).… (Show more)
in TrueSight IT Data Analytics
Gianpaolo Pagano Mariano
The notification section in ITDA allows to pass data to other systems via events, mails and external scripts. It would be extremely useful to extend the current list of available macros in order to…
Anton Shkurenko
Hi All,   Sometimes log files contain heterogeneous information and it's complicated to make a single pattern to extract all pieces of data. Using single primary pattern can result in huge…
Frank Vance
I don't like that the configuration files for ITDA are scattered across several directories.   Could they all be located in a single directory and use symlinks (or the Windows equivalent) to map…
Jeff Wenzbauer
It would be very convenient if hosts that are no longer active (because the ITDA agent was removed) were automatically cleaned up and removed from the Administration -> Hosts page in the ITDA…
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