• TrueSight App Visibility Manager (PORTAL, COLLECTOR, PROXY) Ports

    Hi all, is there someone can help me to understand how the communications works between PROXY AGENTS and PORTAL/COLLECTORS? In the documentation ports, there is one with communication from PROXY to PORTAL (8100 Hear...
    Toni Bonet
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  • TrueSight Synthetic - Receiving Alerts from AM KM but the TSPS Application status and Dashboard remains OK (green)

    This document contains official content from the BMC Software Knowledge Base. It is automatically updated when the knowledge article is modified. PRODUCT: Borland Silk Performer Synthetic Transaction Monitoring ...
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  • Trending in Support: Why does my application status in TrueSight Presentation Server (TSPS) change to critical, but I do not get any alerts from my Application Management (AM) KM or Synthetic Metric Rules (SMR)?

    You can use the SLA to change the status of your applications in the TSPS console and you can also use the AM KM with TrueSight Infrastructure Management (TSIM) to alert if an event threshold is breached n times in a ...
    Lisa Jahrsdoerfer
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  • Meet the Champions: Roland Pocek

    Hello TrueSight Operations Mgmt Family,   We are happy to announce a new 'Meet The Champions' blog post series, to spotlight those awesome members who dedicate their time to help other members of our community. ...
    Seth Paskin
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  • Amount of Events in Event Groups not correct

    Hello Since we updated to TrueSight 11.3.02 some of the "Event Groups" in the TSPS are no longer correct. That means if I select only open events, nevertheless all events are displayed (see screenshot) Does someo...
    Reto Streit
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  • Lightweight KM Dependency polling option

    Not Planned
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    Would be nice to have a dependency polling structure in the Lightweight KM.   i.e. ping first device and IF ok ping the rest, IF NOT stop polling... this would be helpful when losing a remote site so you just ge...
    Anthony Valuikas
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  • The policy changes cannot be edited. An internal server error occurred. Contact your administrator. TrueSight

    No one is able to change any policy in Truesight due to below error. The error persists even after restarting TrueSight application servers. Also, I am not able to run tssh logger command to enable trace.   "The...
    Ravi Gupta
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  • Welcome to the new TrueSight Operations space layout!

    Hello TrueSight Operations Mgmt community! My name isSeth Paskin and in my role directing Technical Marketing I'm working to make BMC Communities more effective and enjoyable for you. This post describes some changes ...
    Seth Paskin
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  • Oracle OpCenter Manager with BMC Tool Like BPPM , Truesight ?

    Oracle OpCenter Manager Integration with  BMC Tool Like BPPM , Truesight ? How easy or difficult it is ? We want to get all the alerts from Oracle Opcenter manager to BPPM.
    Shariq Basha
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  • Azul Java 8 for TrueSight

    Hi all,   I have read in the documentation of TrueSight that Oracle Java 8 can be replaced with Azul Java8: https://docs.bmc.com/docs/TSOperations/113/replacing-oracle-jre-with-azul-8-java-860483616.html  ...
    Patrick Mischler
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  • HACMP Takeover - Monitorization of Filesystems and alarms

    Not Planned
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    We have the following scenario:   - Two AIX machines in Active-Active HACMP. Let's call this machines A and B. In both machines there is a Patrol Agent running. - In certain situations, when there is a proble...
    Jose Menendez
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  • Azure KM to include Network Parameters

    Not Planned
    1 vote
    There are many Software defined network components in Public Cloud like in this case Microsoft Azure, Currently BMC does not support monitoring of any type of network components like below :   we need a requirem...
    Sachin Varshney
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  • TrueOps mobile app

    Hello Everyone,   Does anyone know if there are any plans to continue updating the TrueOps mobile apps for iOS and Android? Last update was early 2017.   Just want to know if this is still on the roadmap o...
    Ali Khoshkar
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  • YouTube Video Outdated

    Hello BMC Family,   I am trying to setup LDAP authentication, however I am having some difficulties getting credentials to work even though the LDAP test is successful. I tried reading the documentation and watc...
    Ali Khoshkar
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  • TrueSight Best Practices Webinar Calendar

    Calendar year 2019 This is the 2019 calendar for the TrueSight Best Practices Webinar series. [If you are looking for past webinars, scroll down] Webinars take place every other Wednesday at 10am Central US time. Webi...
    Seth Paskin
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  • Can patrol send data back over the internet?

    Hello Everyone,   As an MSP, do we have to install an integration service in each customer environment we want to monitor or would it suffice to simply place patrol agents on the target nodes and have them talk ...
    Ali Khoshkar
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  • Info(BrowserEngine: 83 - Browser engine terminated)

    We are using Truesight 11.3.02 version & agents also same version.. For browser_based(ajax) scripts we are using process based agents. However, we are getting the execution error Info(BrowserEngine: 83 - Browser ...
    Swarna M
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  • How to disable signature threshold for Oracle tablespace on requested server

    Hi Team,   I need help for disable signature threshold for Oracle tablespace for requested server, customer don't want the below alert.   "ETSM Undo Tablespaces Container Free space available, 27705.961 MB...
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  • Truesight smart reporting :How to show all events in report after selecting event incident I'd in column field

    Dear experts,   I am creating a event report in smart reporting . After adding incident id in column it only shows the events which has that value whereas I want to see all events whether related to incident I'...
    Abhay Bhagat
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  • TSPS/TSAV Synthetic: Is possible to add variables into notification notes message?

    Hi, doing a TMART migration to TSAV adding Synthetic metric rules, we would like to add some variables on the 'Notification Notes'
    Toni Bonet
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