• How do I gets Linux command output from the server that sent the event to my mc_long_msg slots?

    Hi   I am new to MRL and enrichment for Truesight and wonder if it is possible to for example enrich my event with command output dh -h on the agent host and then store the output to mc_long_msg slot ?   ...
    Hung Bui
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  • TSPS Event Group "By Cell"

    Hi TrueSighter's   Is there a way to create dynamic event groups "by cell"? I know we can access the cells by selecting the cell as event source but this view lacks of a search function. Within an Event Group w...
    Patrick Mischler
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  • Request support for automated product uninstall requiring no intervention - TrueSight Operations Management

    Not Planned
    3 votes
    Some companies need to automate the removal of the software installed, the request here is to ensure there are uninstall scripts which can be run silently and without any manual intervention. The current scripts do re...
    Betty Neumann
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  • Folder Monitoring

    Hello,   We are in the process of transferring monitoring from sentry Monitoring studio to other KM's. As part of our existing monitoring we of course also monitor folders. for example: the amount of existing f...
    Arik Damari
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  • How to suppress or change the status of errors returned by a Borland Silk Performer Synthetic script

    This document contains official content from the BMC Software Knowledge Base. It is automatically updated when the knowledge article is modified. PRODUCT: TrueSight Synthetic Transaction Monitor with Micro Focus S...
    Knowledge Admin
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  • Recording - Filtering and refining Patrol agent data collection in TrueSight Operations Management

      This is the recording of the Filtering and refining Patrol agent data collection in TrueSight Operations event held on 11/7/2018. Thanks to Michael Ashall for presenting and Todd Brady and Thad White for suppor...
    Seth Paskin
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  • Functionality to handle daylight saving changes automatically in Blackout/Suppression policies/rules at cell level.

    Not Planned
    1 vote
    Daylight saving changes in some country result into unnecessary ALARM/events during blackout period. We need some capability in product that will handle daylight saving changes automatically. Currently there is no fun...
    Mahesh Darekar
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  • On publish runs, check pclassinfo so that actual mc_sm_object.baroc is used

    Below Review Threshold
    4 votes
    If the mc_sm_object.baroc on the TrueSight Server does not fit to the CMDB a publish run fails. If the publish run fails or if the downloaded mc_sm_object.baroc is different to the existing one, it should be replaced ...
    Florian Bieber
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  • Integration of truesight with slack via SSL proxy

    Did anyone achieved integration of truesight with slack via SSL proxy , please share your experience on the sameb
    created by ABHAY BHAGAT
  • REST event query

    Hi there,   We have experienced a lot of issues with Remedy and TrueSight being out of sync regarding outages (SDIG wasn't feeling well). To catch these issues earlier I want to monitor the outage status in bot...
    Peter Lundqvist
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  • Instance Name vs Instance ID in EC2 TS KM

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    11 votes
    Requirement from customer (ENEL) is quite simple. The KM collect the "InstanceID" from AWS and not the "Instance Name". In AWS both information are provided and potentially could be collected. Requirement is to hav...
    Umberto Di Pietro
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  • Monitoring OpenShift with TrueSight

    Hello,   we use TrueSight 11.3.02.   We are starting to use OpenShift as our container-Platform.   How do other companies monitor their OpenShift-Environment? Do you use the Patrol for Kubernetes- a...
    Ferry Groot
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  • TrueSigth Smart Report - Report on Impacted Business Services + events

    Hi gurus   one of our customer would like to have a report showing for each Business Service, the list of events impacting it. We are interested in showing events which are impacting all the providers in the ser...
    Maurizio Bollino
    created by Maurizio Bollino
  • What is the basic functionality of - Truesight Enterprise Event Manager, Truesight Impact Manage,Truesight Operations Manager

    Can anyone please tell me what is the basic functionality of-   1) Truesight Enterprise Event Manager 2) Truesight Impact Manager 3) Truesight Operations Manager
    Gourav Mukherjee
    created by Gourav Mukherjee
  • Kafka in Confluent Cloud and Confluent REST Proxy monitoring

    Hello Our organization started to implement a new products - Kafka in Confluent Cloud and Confluent REST Proxy (on-premise). Is there a BMC KM or monitoring tool that can be adjusted to monitor these products? Or K...
    Anatoly Gofman
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  • App Visibibilty Agent for .NET to support .NET framework 4.7 and above

    Not Planned
    3 votes
    App Visibibilty Agent for .NET to support .NET framework 4.7 and above as the latest version also supports .
    Tarun Kakar
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  • Component Availability report in Truesight

    Below Review Threshold
    4 votes
    Component availability report in Truesight Operations management reporting is an Event based availability report for a device/CI. In report engine the device availability is calculated as per the CI status , So if CRI...
    Harshal Pandule
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  • tssh event reinitialize. TrueSight Consoles lose synchrony

    In a TrueSight Presentation 11.3.02   After execute tssh event reinitialize command, the truesight presentation server get the more recent events from TrueSight Infrastructure Management, but you have to execute...
    Alejandro Cortes
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  • Enable TrueSight App Visibility Portal and Collector to be run as non-root user on Linux

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    6 votes
    Please enable TrueSight App Visibility Portal and Collector to be run as non-root user on Linux.   Some customers have policy that will not allow to run applications as root user.   Other TrueSight compone...
    Mariusz Cwiklinski
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  • Filtering and refining Patrol agent data collection in TrueSight Operations

    How to configure TrueSight Policies in CMA for the purpose of including or excluding performance (streamed) and/or Event data. This document should help you manage your environment  and remove data that has no bu...
    Michael Ashall
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