• Ho to learn BPPM 9.6 Administration

        Hi Team,   I want to learn about BPPM 9.6 administration. Could you please help me on this to get the documents or Video sessions.
  • Accessing True-Sight Smart Reporting Reports over a HTML page without logging to the application

    5 votes
    We have a requirement to allow external users to access TS Reports/Dashboards without logging to the application. Currently, the only way is to broadcast the reports to external users via email. It would be great to...
    Bharath Kumar Chitrala
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  • BMC TrueSight Alerts : Integration with Automatic calling/voice/reading system

    Dear Experts,   Did any one get a chance to integrate with any automated voice system ,   Requirement :  The momemt an alert comes  requirement is to call a particular team or a person and read t...
    Abhay Bhagat
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  • TS Synthetic - Receiving “BrowserNavigate(BrowserEngine: 32 - Internet Explorer request failed, INET_E_SECURITY_PROBLEM (0x800c000e).)” message while executing a BDM script on the Synthetic TEA Agent

    This document contains official content from the BMC Software Knowledge Base. It is automatically updated when the knowledge article is modified. PRODUCT: TrueSight Synthetic Transaction Monitor with Micro Focus S...
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  • Preview Botton ITDA Disabled

        hello everebody   i have a question about a preview botton disabled in the ITDA Tool, finally when a complete all the information and a try to see the preview, it doesn't work . i've attached ...
    roman viloria
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  • Requesting a method to remove the Business Services option from Service View in TS 11.x

    16 votes
    Looking for an option to remove business services from service view         TSPS 11.3.01 -  In the Services View, there is the option to "configure ci type". We would like the a...
    Betty Neumann
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  • Unable to import vSphere VM's due to connection error

    Hello,   I deployed a patrol agent to one of our vSphere servers (configured with a vSphere KM). Although I can monitor the server itself fine, having trouble importing the VM's that run under it.   The mo...
    Ali Khoshkar
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  • Creating Event Groups - Part 2

    Hello,   Was watching some videos on BMC's youtube channel on event groups and noticed a few mistakes.   Event Groups Part 1 Creating %7C TrueSight Operations Management - YouTube In TSOM Creating Event G...
    Ali Khoshkar
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  • TSSR Report Engine suddenly stops collecting performance data

    Hi all,   Here is another TrueSight Smart Reporting topic. We have the issue, that suddenly the data collection for performance data stops on the RE. We were not able to determine the cause. We checked the logs ...
    Patrick Mischler
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  • Reporting Engine - wrong event date

    Hello,   I have TSOM Reporting 10.0 on Windows 2012 with MSSQL Reporting Database. Events from Infrastructure Management Server Cell are propagated to the Reporting Engine. All Windows servers have the same sys...
    Evgeniy Rozhnov
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  • TSPS -  Noise reduction metrics

    Hi All,   Please help me locating Noise Reduction Metrics as a Enhanced feature of TrueSight 11.3.02, if anyone had used it so far.   Reference Document link - Viewing and understanding noise reduction met...
    Anuparn Padalia
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  • TrueSight Best Practices Webinar Calendar

    Calendar year 2019 This is the 2019 calendar for the TrueSight Best Practices Webinar series. [If you are looking for past webinars, scroll down] Webinars take place every other Wednesday at 10am Central US time. Webi...
    Seth Paskin
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  • Presentation Server 113 Vs RemedySSO 18.02 authentication issue

    Hi, I have performed an installation of Remedy SSO in the standalone mode on a VMWare centos for a poc. I have set rsso.localdomain (cookie domain). Then on my host Windows 10, i have installed Presntation server 11...
  • Server availablity through server uptime in Truesight

    Hi,   We have configured and monitored the infrastructure servers from Truesight application. We have configured the KM Ping to get the server's availability. In most of the cases the servers are up but due to s...
    Shailendra Sankhala
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  • TSPS Event Console Filters

    Product Team Review
    18 votes
    While applying the filter on TSPS Event console we saw that first event will be automatically in selected state whenever we are changing the tabs. This was not the case in TrueSight Presentation Server 10.5 but It see...
    Makrant Singh Rajput
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  • Can we integrate vFire CMDB with Truesight Operations Management?

    Hi Experts,   Need some clarification regarding the vFire CMDB integration with the Truesight Operations Management as we do with the Atrium CMDB.   Regards... Sabari Yadavilli
    sabari yadavilli
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  • Enable Windows service monitoring information

    Hi Team,   We have enabled windows servers services monitoring working porperly, We have a question about about Windows service monitoring.   Customer asking to, how to get the windows service information,...
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  • Patrol VSM 4.0 Deployment

    Hi All   I am trying to look at monitoring a brand new VMware environment that is being built to take over from our existing production environment. We have historically used a different virtualization tool so w...
    Stuart Reid
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  • TrueSight Presentation Server - Event list table view

    Product Team Review
    33 votes
    In TrueSight Presentation Server, when a operator select a table view from "Change Table View" button, at each refresh, the selected preference is lost and the default view is restored. It would be convenient if the ...
    Francesco Gianturco
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  • Register for the Brand New Advanced TSOM 11.x Trainings !!!

    Hello World,   Are you worried about the management of thousands of events generated by your infrastructure? Are you using many event adapters? Do you want to know about event collector functionality? What abou...
    Vrushali Athalye
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