• BEM 7.4

    Is anybody still running BEM 7.4?   After a patch to the server when trying to start the cell services on the box - I receive the following error: The mcell_MFBEMPC2 service terminated with service-specific err...
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  • TSPS Dashboard: Add refresh option on web page dashlet

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    8 votes
    Please vote this idea to enable a feature to add refresh window on web page dashlet. Currently web page dashlet loads data only with an initial load of dashboard page itself. Content within the page is not updated per...
    Shanmukha Kamesh G
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  • Is it possible to updates logs and notes using msend,mposter or any other cli option

    Is it possible to updates logs and notes using msend,mposter or any other cli option
    Abhay Bhagat
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  • Allow nested dynamic event groups in TSPS

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    7 votes
    The dynamic event group functionality in TSPS, essentially introduced to replace the missing capability that TSIM event collectors provide, should allow for nested dynamic event groups. Currently (11.3.01) if you crea...
    Kevin Simpson
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  • Patrol for Linux KM - Capability to monitor multiple instance of a single process with Status attribute.

    Not Planned
    3 votes
    Where the number of instances of a process is more than one, Patrol for Linux KM only relies on the count of the processes to be defined in the configuration. However, in certain cases identifying the number of proces...
    Chiranjit Mitra
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  • Web Interface for Placing Blackout on Events in TrueSight Operations management

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    4 votes
    Dear All,   We would like to request BMC to consider the idea of creating a Web Interface for Placing Blackout on Events in TSOM .   Challenge : - Currently for placing the blackout Tools  support...
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  • Digital Assistant Survey: How would you like to use a Digital Assistant?

    What Is It? We want to learn from you about the types of tasks you expect to do with a general purpose digital assistant for usage across BMC products. You can interact with it using textual or voice conversations fro...
    Deepa Bhat
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  • Top Viewed Knowledge Articles for TrueSight Operations Management (Core)

    Below are the Top 25 knowledge articles as recommended by the Customer Support team for TrueSight Operations Management (Core) as of October 21st 2020.   The items on the list will be most viewed/important/trend...
    Steve Mundy
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  • change maximum multi-events to perform action on

    In Truesight console - event preferences, the maximum multi-events to perform action can be changed from 25 to 100. How do I configure TSPS so higher values than 100 can be chosen? How will that affect performance? 
    Kjell Brodd
    created by Kjell Brodd
  • Create a credential store/vault to manage username and passwords for CMA Policies and Patrol Agent Accounts

    Product Team Review
    33 votes
    The days of having Service Accounts which has passwords that never expire are gone! More and more of our customers have a requirement to change passwords on a regular basis.   This is a major MANUAL task for an...
    Barry McQuillan
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  • Support Oralce 19c in the TSIM future release

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    13 votes
    If BMC can have any roadmap or plan to add the support of Oralce 19c in the TSIM future release?
    Bruce Li
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  • Request the ability to set a Global Table View as the default view in TSPS

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    15 votes
    Knowing that we can not enforce a default configuration of the User View, we are looking for a way to set a Global Table View as the default View for all users (unless they override) or for a user to change their 'def...
    Betty Neumann
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  • RSSO-LDAP Authentication mechanism should provide Display Name of the user instead of (sAMAccountName or uid) or this should be configurable.

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    9 votes
    TSPS 11.X RSSO Latest versions   RSSO-LDAP Authentication works fine and successful Authentication shows login name as the value of Identity Attribute( (sAMAccountName or uid) once users are logged in successfull...
    Vishakha Thalpati
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  • Enforce a specific Event Group to a Specific Authorization profile

    I would like to force some users to a specific Event Group and Table View upon login to TSPS. For example, if I create an Event Group called "My View", and then change the "IT Operations User" authorization profile so...
    David Taggart
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  • Top Viewed Knowledge Articles for PATROL

    The top view Knowledge Articles for PATROL are as follows:   Article # Title 000223921 The psx_server.xpc process is causing excessive memory consumption 000304809 PATROL Agent - Permissions error on /opt/bm...
    Puneet Kapoor
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  • Increase the max time in Global Threshold duration time from 180 minutes to 300.

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    6 votes
    This request is for change to TrueSight Presentation Server 11.3.   User has some events they would prefer a much longer max duration time choice of up to 5 hours, 300 minutes.   This value cannot be chang...
    Morgan Burket
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  • Workaround for TSPS defect DRTPC-378

    Hi all,   Does anybody know a workaround for the TSPS defect DRTPC-378 where html code in event slots is displayed insted the rendered html e.g. <a href="url">Text</a> instead Text as link?   R...
    Patrick Mischler
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  • Is it possible to customize Shared Variables icon in Monitoring domain to be enabled/disabled according to privileges?

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    1 vote
    Hi folks,   We need to disabled the "Shared Variable" icon in the monitoring domain according to users priviliges. Some information shown in that icon must not be seen.
  • Incident ID in Truesight Infrastructure Management ( TSIM ) and Remedy Force integration.

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    2 votes
    When Incident is raised, TSIM is showing 18 Characters incident ID in column " ITSM Incident ID" over a console, Something like "a1N6J000000n3eRYSD". However while seeing in to the Remedy- it shows Ticket:02334257 ...
    Riddhi Lathigara
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  • Please provide an option to filter annotations according to application classes.

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    2 votes
    The customer would like to have an option to filter annotations according to application classes.
    Riddhi Lathigara
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