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    Hi BMC community   A dark theme for BMC Truesight operations Management / Helix would be a great feature:   - 24/7 Operators can reduce the impact of screen brightness during night. - 24/7 dashboards in d...
    Sistemas Securitas Direct
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  • Top Viewed Knowledge Articles for PATROL

    The top view Knowledge Articles for PATROL are as follows:   Article # Title 000041325 An attempt was made to logon, but the network logon service was not started.; user: <PATROL_USER>, logon type: LOG...
    Puneet Kapoor
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  • Patrol for Linux km to monitor NAS Filesystem Inode Used Percent parameter

    Not Planned
    2 votes
    Product name= Patrol for Linux KM     Patrol for Linux km  can't monitor NAS Filesystem Inode Used Percent parameter now, we don't know whether there are some limitation to enable this parameter, but i...
    PengCheng Wang
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  • mquery giving error BMC_TS-IMC330011E

    Hello Experts,   I'm trying to take backup of selector and policy using shell script and I'm getting this error "mquery: MQUERY: BMC_TS-IMC330011E: Switch -Q or - or input files cannot be combined with any of -d...
    Raghava PH
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  • Usage license on TrueSight

    Hi Expert, We purchase the license of TrueSight Operation as follows: How can we map the information on the purchase to the information on the system. How do we know if we are using more than we bought? Many th...
    Bien Dang
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  • TSPS 11.3.03 - Duplicating devices in a complex environment

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    10 votes
    Hello,   In our environment we have deployed 1 TSIM Central Server and several TSIM children connected to the Central Server.   We have found a use case in which if a Patrol agent goes from being connected...
    Daniel Alonso
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  • Request support for automated product uninstall requiring no intervention - TrueSight Operations Management

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    3 votes
    Some companies need to automate the removal of the software installed, the request here is to ensure there are uninstall scripts which can be run silently and without any manual intervention. The current scripts do re...
    Betty Neumann
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  • Support of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7.8

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    8 votes
    The Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7.8 was released recently. I would like to request to test the functionality in TSOM (version 11.3.1) and confirm the new version of OS (RHEL 7.8) is officially supported.  Tha...
    James TSUE
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  • Request a method to verify that the thresholds are in sync between TSPS and TSIM.

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    10 votes
    We've seen some cases where TSPS will have thresholds that do not exist on the TSIM for some reason.   Since we should already have code to sync these two components, this Idea is to get code around verificatio...
    Andy Scholebo
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  • Top Viewed Knowledge Articles for TrueSight Operations Management (Core)

    Below are the Top 25 knowledge articles as recommended by the Customer Support team for TrueSight Operations Management (Core) as of May 15th 2020.   The items on the list will be most viewed/important/trending ...
    Steve Mundy
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  • How to stop auto delete events after 30days

    Hi Experts,   How we can stop events auto delete after 30 days in Tsom. If the issue is still persist. Ex - PA got disconnected event delete after 30 days.   Thanks and regards, Raghava PH
    Raghava PH
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  • Functionality to handle daylight saving changes automatically in Blackout/Suppression policies/rules at cell level.

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    1 vote
    Daylight saving changes in some country result into unnecessary ALARM/events during blackout period. We need some capability in product that will handle daylight saving changes automatically. Currently there is no fun...
    Mahesh Darekar
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  • How to change the IP address on the App Visibility Portal, App Visibility Collector, and/or App Visibility Proxy?

    This document contains official content from the BMC Software Knowledge Base. It is automatically updated when the knowledge article is modified. PRODUCT: TrueSight App Visibility Manager Server COMPONENT: App ...
    Knowledge Admin
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  • Webhook (HTTP POST) Integration with TSOM

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    10 votes
    Currently, there is no option of sending events from external monitoring tools to TSOM via Webhooks, especially cloud solutions. It will be good if we can have an out of box solution for the same.
    Sameer Salve
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  • Blackout Policy - CMA.log entry: cannot manage patrol agents ... due to ACL restrictions: []

    Hello Everybody!   Has somebody come accross the following message in the CMA.log of the TSPS:   WARN 05/14 08:33:42.783 [Thread-74,EXECUTOR_POOL] CMA Data received is either null or empty.Blackout details ...
    Patrick Mischler
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  • Can we monitor Active directory federation service using Patrol Agent? Is there an knowledge module available to monitor ADFS?

    Most of the people confuse ADFS with Active directory. Just to clarify, Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) is is an extension of Active Directory. While active directory serves to contain user ident...
    Amit Upadhyay
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  • Enrich Windows Remote Host Data Collection Event

    3 votes
    For windows host remote monitoring, when the data collection stops for any remote host, it generate an event with message "Windows Monitoring Data Collection is not working for (<RemoteHostName>@NT_REMOTE_HOST)"...
    Reetesh Joshi
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  • What does the Autonomous Digital Enterprise mean for you? Hear from BMC CTO Ram Chakravarti

    Duration                   45-minute webinar Date & Time           ...
    Kannaa Chilla
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  • Could I create many users at the same time in Remedy SSO for Truesight?

    Is it possible to create with a template, or something like that, many users in Remedy SSO?   Thanks a lot.
    Ingrid Ussa
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  • PATROL Agent - Default Account with nologin and no password

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    27 votes
    Situation The PATROL Agent on Linux/UNIX needs an account to run properly. The account is required to have a password and to be able to login.   Problem The requirements often leads to discussions with the sy...
    Patrick Mischler
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