• How do we configure PATROL Agent to forward Agent TagsTruesight?

    Hi,   Is there anyway to forward patrol agent tags to Truesight so that it can appear in any one of the slots in patrol event baroc ?   Thanks, Nischitha.
    Nischitha Markand Rao
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  • Sentry Monitoring Studio X: Dynamic File Monitoring

    Hi Monitoring Studio Experts!   I have an interesting scenario. Text files are written to a directory. The content of the text files should be transformed into events. I thought, the Monitoring Studio KM should ...
    Patrick Mischler
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  • Maintenance Message during outage

    Not Planned
    1 vote
    During an issue or maintenance window, a maintenance/outage page should get loaded  in TSOM when users are accessing.
    Abitha Stephen
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  • Support Oralce 19c in the TSIM future release

    Below Review Threshold
    6 votes
    If BMC can have any roadmap or plan to add the support of Oralce 19c in the TSIM future release?
    Bruce Li
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  • Allow nested dynamic event groups in TSPS

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    6 votes
    The dynamic event group functionality in TSPS, essentially introduced to replace the missing capability that TSIM event collectors provide, should allow for nested dynamic event groups. Currently (11.3.01) if you crea...
    Kevin Simpson
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  • Top Viewed Knowledge Articles for APM

    Below are the Top 25 knowledge articles as recommended by the Customer Support team for TrueSight Operations Management  - Application Visibility Manger as of December 15th 2019.   The items on the list will...
    Lisa Jahrsdoerfer
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  • PATROL Agent - Default Account with nologin and no password

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    7 votes
    Situation The PATROL Agent on Linux/UNIX needs an account to run properly. The account is required to have a password and to be able to login.   Problem The requirements often leads to discussions with the sy...
    Patrick Mischler
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  • Monitoring Applications in PAAS using TrueSight APM

    Hi Team,   How and what is the best approach in monitoring applications in PAAS?
    Karlo Nico Amatorio
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  • Event closed by ?

    Hi All,   I am new to TrueSight products. I am looking for a data which will show in a field on Operation console who closed the Event? Is there a way to know this information in console?
    Sandeep Patwardhan
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  • PATROL Developer Console won't start

    Hi All,   I have installed the PATROL Developer Console on my client (laptop) today. However, it won't start: Anyone came across the same issue?   Regards, Patrick
    Patrick Mischler
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  • Can we have our ISN cell in HA mode for a SNMP source to send us SNMP traps?

    Hi All,   Can we have our ISN cell in HA mode for a SNMP source to send us SNMP traps? If yes, any guidance on how to configure it.   Scenario :   We have multiple 2rd party tools sending traps to us...
    Gazal Sharda
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  • Please add support for gauge charts in TSPS dashboards

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    27 votes
    Users would like additional options for charts and graphs when creating dashboards, please add support for gauge charts
    Betty Neumann
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  • TSPS - Presentation of SNMP events / devices in Dashboards

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    13 votes
    In the moment only PatrolAgent monitored devices can be implemented in the dashboard part of the TSPS. Only if the integration server variable is used and filled, I can search for the device/PatrolAgent and configure ...
    Claus Warnecke
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  • BMC AVM  Proxy : Java script injection

    I am not able to access proxy`s java script URL ( i.e.  https://XXXXXXXXX:8305/static-resources/aeuem.min.js   ) from portal server and getting connection timeout in Firefox. Is it a normal behaviour? b...
    Amit Oberoi
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  • Patrol for light weight protocols

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    6 votes
    User has set in the discovery key the OID from one object type and the counter from different object type, that is not supported, if you create an object type within the custom monitor the discovery key and all of the...
    Ashwini Pungle
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  • Ability for TSPS to host Linux package repositories for most common package managers

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    9 votes
    Hi all,   PROBLEM: It seems that installing the Patrol Agent on Linux hosts is a common point at which many admins have trouble, especially for those who don't commonly work with Linux, but even for Linux admins...
    Chase Colvin
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  • In TSPS we have Application State Dashlet , similar to this if we get the Device State Dashlet then will be helpful to create focus dashboard for required devices

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    10 votes
    In TSPS we have Application State Dashlet , similar to this if we get the Device State Dashlet then will be helpful to create focus dashboard for required devices.   We use application state dashboard very well ...
    Shrikant Dhage
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  • Flashplayer - TrueSight Operations Manager (11.3.01)

    Product Team Review
    40 votes
    Our IT Security has disabled Flashplayer in the browsers. We are no longer able to work with the TrueSight Operations Management Console (Version 11.3.01). This hampers the analysis work massively. It raises the quest...
    Felix Werder
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  • Email2Event - Support for OAuth

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    19 votes
    Requesting BMC  enhance email2event to support Microsoft's blockage of basic authentication:  In October 2020, Microsoft will block “basic authentication” for all mailboxes leveraging IMAP or PO...
    Tammy Ryan
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  • Extend Scripting KM for DB Queries or create DB Query KM

    4 votes
    Situation The Scripting KM offers new possibilities. It allows to execute scripts. There are requirements to run queries on databases. Today, the DB queries have to be scripted or KM from third party developers have ...
    Patrick Mischler
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