• Need a better way to identify Metrics not collecting data within TrueSight

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    Currently TrueSight generates the "MFD" and "Data Collection and Consistency Status Problem report"   Source information for these reports: The "Marked for Delete (MFD) Report", documented by Generating a repo...
    Jeremiah Schroth
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  • Dark Mode for TrueSight Presentation

    5 votes
    Greetings,   While reading the BMC TrueSight Presentation Server documentation I came across an image that was presenting TSPS in a dark theme. Any chance this idea might spark enough interest for development ? ...
    Alexandru Florea
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  • App Visibility .Net agent to support Oracle Data Provider .NET Managed Driver

    Not Planned
    1 vote
    App Visibility .Net agent to support Oracle Data Provider .NET Managed Driver as our .NET application is using this driver with below mentioned functions:     Details for ODP.NET Managed Driver :- 1. ...
    Tarun Kakar
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  • While logging in to TSPS for first time it ask to enter domain, even when MSP is disabled

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    2 votes
    Hi All,   Problem is even though below MSP setting has been hashed out we are getting domain page for the first time when we login TSPS v11.3. #msp-always-show-domain-entry-page=true   Issue can be repr...
    Neelam Nilje
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  • Request the ability to set a Global Table View as the default view in TSPS

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    10 votes
    Knowing that we can not enforce a default configuration of the User View, we are looking for a way to set a Global Table View as the default View for all users (unless they override) or for a user to change their 'def...
    Betty Neumann
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  • how to monitoring SQL query output

    Hi Team,   I have a request to to monitor SQL query, the output is some numbers, If the value >7 i need to generate the alert. How can i monitoring that SQL query in BPPM 9.6. Query is provided by customer. I...
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  • Did Anyone forwarded event from TrueSight cell to Splunk

    Dear Experts ,   Did Anyone forwarded event from TrueSight cell to Splunk   or what is best possible way to achieve the same
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  • Is it possible to record a Web Browser-Driven (AJAX) script using Chrome web browser in Borland Silk Performer?

    This document contains official content from the BMC Software Knowledge Base. It is automatically updated when the knowledge article is modified. PRODUCT: TrueSight Synthetic Transaction Monitor with Micro Focus S...
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  • Patrol Agent install using TSOM

    I am trying in install a patrol agent in Linux using the steps here (TrueSight Operations environment) https://docs.bmc.com/docs/PATROLAgent/11302/installing-in-a-truesight-operations-environment-828956018.html Ver...
    Matt Stringham
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  • Request to centralize and expand API Functionality from TSPS

    3 votes
    Currently the bulk of the API Functionality exists at the TSIM Level. However, TSPS is the 'consolidator' for all TSIMs within your environment. Ideally, you should be able to retrieve any and ALL information provide...
    Jeremiah Schroth
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  • Top Viewed Knowledge Articles for PATROL

    The top view Knowledge Articles for PATROL are as follows:   Article # Title 000298462 An attempt was made to logon, but the network logon service was not started.--&gt; user: <PATROL_USER>, logon t...
    Puneet Kapoor
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  • Absolute Global thresholds deleted for Log monitoring in BPPM

    Hi Team,   We have a issue with Absolute Global thresholds, My Previous team updated the all monitoring metrics Absolute Global thresholds in BPPM 9.6 Using Options Menu in Operation console. While we verified ...
  • Truesight TEA Agent Silent Installation  modify default value by <ArchiveRollingMax>

    hello community Is there a way to cance a configuration value for the parameter <ArchiveRollingMax>  "AgentConfiguration.xml  by the TAE Agent silent installation? The default is 15, but I would like...
    Claudio Toma
    created by Claudio Toma
  • TSOM: Grant Permissions on Specific Servers/Events/Dashboards to Specific AD Users

    Dears,   I am working with TSOM 11.3 and will integrate with AD for users login.   Now, I need to grant permissions on specific servers/events/dashboards/actions to specific AD users not AD group.   ...
    Ahmed Salman
    created by Ahmed Salman
  • Script Km - Server Threshold for custom monitors

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    9 votes
    Hello ,   after creating  some scripts that has dynamic outputs with multiple instances , it seems that in order to create a server threshold there is a need to use the "pcig tool" in order to create a new ...
    Arik Damari
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  • Bad character in an agent configuration variable is accepted by TSPS infrastructure policy

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    12 votes
    If a bad character (e.g. double quote character) is entered in an agent configuration value, it is happily accepted by TSPS infrastructure policy.   The problem is once this policy is enabled, then it can prev...
    Andy Scholebo
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  • Flashplayer - TrueSight Operations Manager (11.3.01)

    Product Team Review
    50 votes
    Our IT Security has disabled Flashplayer in the browsers. We are no longer able to work with the TrueSight Operations Management Console (Version 11.3.01). This hampers the analysis work massively. It raises the quest...
    Felix Werder
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  • Can we monitor Active directory federation service using Patrol Agent? Is there an knowledge module available to monitor ADFS?

    Most of the people confuse ADFS with Active directory. Just to clarify, Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) is is an extension of Active Directory. While active directory serves to contain user ident...
    Amit Upadhyay
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  • Patrol Agent Stopped collecting data.

    3 votes
    Hi Everyone,   We have observed patrol agent service is running on servers but data collection not happening.   We have 1700+ servers under monitoring but suddenly agent stopped data collection.   Ca...
    DCMonitoring Support
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  • Top Viewed Knowledge Articles for TrueSight Operations Management (Core)

    Below are the Top 25 knowledge articles as recommended by the Customer Support team for TrueSight Operations Management (Core) as of July 26th 2020.   The items on the list will be most viewed/important/trending...
    Steve Mundy
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