• mrl rule

    Hello All,   My MRL rule won't convert host names as expected.   # This rule will convert the hostname to UPPER CASE   refine hostname_UPPERCASE: EVENT ($EV) where [ status: less_than CLOSED ] &...
    Steven Hicks
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  • Report Engine

    Hi,   I'm having Error while installing TrueSight Reporting Engine when try to connect to sql DB.   I made many attempts but to no avail.   please help me,   Thanks
    Saddam Banihani
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  • To enable Service monitoring in Linux server

    Hi Team,   I want to enable below service monitoring on Linux Servers. How can i enable it?   /opt/puppetlabs/puppet/bin/ruby /opt/puppetlabs/puppet/bin/puppet agent   1)We are using Patrol Agent And...
  • BMC BSR Level 1 - Event Based Service Resolution. Closing events

    Hi, my environment setup is the following:   ProactiveNet: 9.6 (FP2) ITSM: 9.1 BSR: 3.5.01   According to BMC documentation, It is required to install BSR only on ProactiveNet side.   Events gettin...
    Giancarlo Bassanini
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  • TrueSight IM console

    Hi,   I try to Access to Truesight Infrastructure management by chrome (and IE) but i faced the following issue:   "An error occurred.Please contact your administrator or retry later 08/26/2019"  &#...
    Saddam Banihani
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  • need to change username password of app visibility BMC-APM admin page (supportability matrix 8101)

    Dear Reader,   Thanks so much for your time.   I want to know how can one change the username password which is by default admin admin of BMC-APM admin page, if you want to know which page I am referring t...
    Ashish Kangaokar
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  • Remote monitoring RestAPI example

    Hi   I would like to know if someone has an example to create a Remote monitoring policy (windows or Linux) using TS APIs). The only example I've found documented is related to Blackout policies.   Thanks
    Pablo Ramirez
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  • Silk Performer throwing error as "Could not start Java Hooking Engine, reason: Java Recording requires the minimum version 1.2 of the JVM

    Hello Everyone,   I gone through below KA  and checked all settings like java class paths in active,system profile on silk performer and server are set properly.   In TM ART Monitor Workbench getting ...
    Ashroba Ujagare
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  • Integration Service not starting after unplanned reboot of the server

    One of our server got rebooted where Integration service was installed. When the server came up, integration service was in stopped state and when I tried to start it manually, it failed and gave an error mentioned be...
    last modified by RAHUL KUSHWAHA
  • integrating Cisco Prime with BMC TrueSight Operations Management

    Hi All,   I would like to knows the process to know  about the integration of  Cisco Prime with BMC TrueSight Operations Management     Regards, Mohammed
    Mohammed rahimuddin
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  • BMC Portal Web Services Error

    In the absence of the support portal at the moment can anyone help me with this frustrating problem.   Our old portal server was rebooted today and the web services are not coming back up correctly. The portal ...
    Mark Saunders
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  • Slot 'mc_long_msg' TrueSight Smart Reporting

    Hi everybody,   Does someone know if the event slot 'mc_long_msg' is or can be published into TrueSight Smart Reporting?   Regards, Patrick
    Patrick Mischler
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  • TrueSight Presentation Server Access through ReverseProxy

    Hello everyone,     In our environment we use EntryServer to access applications and Provide SAML Authentication. This is actually also reverse Proxy and hides all real application servers addresses. We ma...
    Marek Ceizel
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  • Make PA connection to ISN more fault tolerant

    Hi PATROLER's   We have a lot PA disconnected events which occur because of network hick ups (issues). But we still need the disconnected events for availability calculations and ticketing. So the question is, ...
    Patrick Mischler
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  • Patrol Central Operator console unable to connect to Patrol Agent V11.3.02

    Hi   I have successfully installed Patrol Agent V11.3.02 on a Linux server. The agent is running OK and collecting fine.   However, despite all post install steps having been run successfully the PCO conso...
    Colin Keeley
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  • Host name Rule not working

    Hi Team,   We are using hostname rule to remove FQDN name in BPPM. But recently we are enable Remedy AR server monitoring on one of the our server, but Host name rule not working on that server, that server name...
  • TMTM agentless monitoring of zOS MQ-QMGRS

    Hi   Can anyone help me to know - "if  TMTM can monitor z-OS MQ-QMGRS in agentless feature". ?
    Atul Kumar Sharma
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  • Filesystem data collection not working

    Hi Team,   One of our client unix server filesystem data collection is not working, BPPM Graph display as "No Data", how can we sort out this issue, But agent was not down still it is running.
    last modified by VENKATESWARA RAO KALI
  • Severe issues with TrueSight Smart Reporting

    We have 7 TSIM servers plus a remote cell to import data and events into TSSR. There is an RE for each of the TSIMs and as well one for the remote cell. When maintenance is done on the TSSR DB server (MS SQL) the whol...
    Patrick Mischler
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  • TrueSight Operation Management

    Hi, I am new in TrueSight.   I installed the following modules: RSSO, Presentation,infrastructure Managements, smart reporting on 3 VMs (windows OS).   The modules installed as following:    ...
    Saddam Banihani
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