• Execute JAR file from MRL

    Hi,   We want to execute JAR file directly from MRL without having a dependency on batch script to call the JAR. Is this a possibility in MRL?   Regards
    Ravinder Kumar
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  • 404 error onTRAPIC_V2.3.00_MANUAL.zip

    Hi,   I have an 404 error on loading following file https://www.tabuso.com/files/TRAPIC_V2.3.00_MANUAL.zip   Regards
    ph couas
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  • TSOM integrations with pager duty

    Dear Community members,   Has anyone seen/configured/completed  the integration of TSOM with pager duty or jira .   I could see the on the marketing page of TSOM I could see the name of these two pro...
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  • Package Data collection Issue- On Solaris non global zone server

    We are facing data collection issue and patrol agent( version 11.3) is not getting started on Solaris non global zone servers while on-boarding them into TSPS.
    Mohammad Rababah
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  • Patrol event handle in BPPM 9.6

    Greetings,       Need to know where to find help and/or documentation on how to handle patrol events, mostly when there is a state change.      When a patrol warning th...
    Steve Robinson
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  • How to know installed Web URL KM version

    Hi Team,   One of the our collector server have Web URL, i want to know the version of that KM, how can i know that and how can i know is that km support CMA policies or not?
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  • Truesight - does anyone know how to stop dashboards being displayed in a users view?

    Truesight 11* - does anyone know how to stop all dashboards being displayed in a users view or point me at the right doc?   Thanks in advance, Regards DB
    Deepak Karwal
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  • How do we configure PATROL Agent to forward Agent TagsTruesight?

    Hi,   Is there anyway to forward patrol agent tags to Truesight so that it can appear in any one of the slots in patrol event baroc ?   Thanks, Nischitha.
    Nischitha Markand Rao
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  • RSSO Database Query

    Hi All   I have been trying to find the sizing and spec requirements for RSSO 19.8 that will be installed with TrueSight 11.3. Please can someone point me in the direction of the documentation as I cannot see th...
    stuart reid
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  • Sentry Monitoring Studio X: Dynamic File Monitoring

    Hi Monitoring Studio Experts!   I have an interesting scenario. Text files are written to a directory. The content of the text files should be transformed into events. I thought, the Monitoring Studio KM should ...
    Patrick Mischler
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  • PATROL Developer Console won't start

    Hi All,   I have installed the PATROL Developer Console on my client (laptop) today. However, it won't start: Anyone came across the same issue?   Regards, Patrick
    Patrick Mischler
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  • Entuity event enrichment within Entuity

    Has anybody had any success with using the rules within Entuity (specifically 15.5 but probably others)?  I'm trying to create a rule that will change the Source for a large number of traps that we receive as the...
    Rich Bone
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  • How to integrate Huawei Agile Controller or AR 651 with TSOM

    Hi everyone,   Does anyone has already integrated Agile Controller or AR 651 with TrueSight?  How can I do that?   Thanks in advance.   Regards.
    Alejandro Cortes
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  • BII4P not sent patrol_ev to bppm 8.6 cell

    Hi   we have configured bii4p_start.opts file but still BII4P not sent PATROL event to bppm 8.6 cell,please help check where is wrong?
    Chao Liu
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  • Migration to TrueSight Smart Reporting 11.3 from  BMC Reporting Foundation (BMC TrueSight Operations Management Reporting 11.3)

    Hello, We use BMC TrueSight Operations Management Reporting 11.3 with BMC Reporting Foundation (SAP® BusinessObjects) and want to migrate to TrueSight Smart Reporting 11.3. The version of BMC TrueSight Operatio...
    Anatoly Gofman
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  • What configuration changes required to modify Indexer name post installation?

    Hi All,   Need help in understanding what all configuration changes required if we need to change the indexer host name to some alias name.   Plan is to use Alias name/Load balancer between indexer and IT...
    Neelam Nilje
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  • Sentry Monitoring Studio: Failing to create templates

    Hi Community!   I am failing to create templates with Monitoring Studio 10.1.00:   Bad Reqzuest: Failed to interpret the request body.   Any clues why this is happening?   The request payload is...
    Patrick Mischler
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  • Sentry Software Monitoring Studio X deployment returns error: senpreload.sh

    Hello Community!   I have some troubles deploying the Sentry Software Monitoring Studio KM. In the Monitoring Devices view, I see that the deployment has an error:   Mon Jan 13 09:08:41 2020 Installation/up...
    Patrick Mischler
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  • Web URL's are not showing in BPPM console.

    Hi Team,   I have installed Web URL km and configured using CMA policy, but those URL's are not showing in BPPM. But if i get the pconfig, that configuration shows on that file. Please let me know where is the p...
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  • Looking for Rabit MQ KM

    We are looking for rabit MQ monitoring KM which is not available. as this is required it in our env we request to have this KM in feature.   Regards Naveed
    shah Iqubal
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