• TSPS : After upgrading to 11.3.03 on editing policy log configuration vanishes

    Dear , We recently noticed that After upgrading TSPS to 11.3.03 on editing policy , configuration related to log KM vanishes , screenshot below Please suggest if you had faced a similar issue and has a resolution fo...
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  • REST API to query status

    Hi there,   So I want to extract the status of a CI or a device. I have no problem extracting info about CIs, Devices or Events, but I can't seem to tie it all together. I expected that /bppmws/api/CI/${CI_ID}/...
    Peter Lundqvist
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  • How Populate automatically Alias to CI's in CMDB to publish to TrueSight

    We need to populate the Alias in the cmdb automatically to publish to Truesight.   I know that can be manual in the impact model designer but I would like to ask if you know a way to automatically that.   &...
    Ricardo Jerez de la Cruz
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  • Is there a KM for DB2 on Linux

    Does BMC have any packaged monitoring for DB2 running on a Linux server?
    Tom Anderson
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  • Internal server while accessing TSPS

    I am facing the following error while trying to access TS Presentation Server URL  
  • TSOM Files within .../custom/conf directory

    Hi all,   I'm a little bit confused. During the last BMC Support Case they told me that I shoiuld not have any additional files like for example backup of existing files within the .../custom/conf directory. &#...
    Markus Siegenthaler
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  • "Your session has timed out" when accessing event source in TSPS

    Hi Community,   In a TrueSight setup I have encountered the following issue:   When checking the logs of the affected TSIM server (TSIM server where the cell is installed), I have found the following. ...
    Patrick Mischler
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  • Information alerts in Presentation Server

    I have a bunch of errors in the Monitoring > Events page.  If I click on Information then there is a lot of noise we do not want to see.  I cannot find any documentation on how to get rid of these Informa...
    Matt Stringham
    created by Matt Stringham
  • TSPS : Cell not fetching/showing events on TSPS

    Dear All,   We have a cell defined in mcell.dir , telnet is working fine but only for one cell the data is not visible , Other 10 + cells it is visible ,   Please suggest what more I may check to understa...
    Abhay Bhagat
    created by Abhay Bhagat
  • Execute a script when parameter is set to alarm in Truesight

    I need to run a script when a parameter is set to alarm. With PatrolCentral it is possible with variables (arsAction) but how can I do this with truesight? Thank you
    Isidoro Gonzalez Murillo
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  • Integrating events/alerts in to TrueSight Operations Management

    Hi is there a way of integrating alerts/events from Elasticsearch/Kibana into TSOM . The idea is that another enterprise system is monitoring its system and we need to feed the alerts that it detects in to our Even...
    Dougal Morris
    created by Dougal Morris
  • Ping monitoring not working properly

    Hi Team,   Ping monitoring not working properly, but i am unable to find the error. How can i get that information.   I have installed Ping KM in INS server and add all servers in to host file and import f...
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  • PATROL for Light Weight Protocols - Port Monitor

    Hi Community!   Does somebody know how the Port Monitor of the PATROL for Light Weight Protocols technicaly checks the ports? I have a case where it appears to cause issues for the application the checked port ...
    Patrick Mischler
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  • SAP BO CMC  synthetic monitoring

    Hello I have synthetic monitor for SAP BO 3.1 CMC created with Silk Performer,  where i check login and servers status. I got a new requirment to build same monitoring to SAP BO 4.2 SP7 CMC, but here i have a ...
    Anatoly Gofman
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  • how to trigger events manually from BPPM operator console

    How to trigger events manually from BPPM operator console?
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  • How can i monitor Windows servers remotely

    Hi Team   I want to monitoring windows servers remotely. We have one ISN server. So we don't have permission to install the patrol agent on customer servers. we have a permission to install agent on ISN server o...
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  • how to upgrade Patrol agent on ISN server

    Hi TEam,   I want to update Patrol agent version and Windows KM on ISN server, how can i proceed to upgrade.     ISN server Details ============================== Windows server 2008 R2 Enterprise ...
  • URL for direct login in TSPS

    hi folks,   i have a customer that asked for a direct loginurl (worst case with having username and password in the URL) to be able to directly access and login to TSPS, does anyone have an idea on how to accomp...
    Roland Pocek
    created by Roland Pocek
  • Know about third party integration tools

    Hi TEam,   We have third party integration tool in our environment, so they are using msend to send the events to ISN server, this ISN server forward that event to BPPM child server, this child server forward to...
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  • what is the difference b/w event and RAW data

    what is the difference b/w event and RAW data? Is both are same?
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