• How to manually create a Remedy ITSM Service Desk ticket from an event or device

    All, I am really brand new (1 week)  to TSOM\TSIM so bear with me.   I received a call this morning requesting that I find the way to ‘manually’ create a BMC Remedy help desk ticket from ei...
    Peter Joran
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  • TrueSight App Visibility Manager (PORTAL, COLLECTOR, PROXY) Ports

    Hi all, is there someone can help me to understand how the communications works between PROXY AGENTS and PORTAL/COLLECTORS? In the documentation ports, there is one with communication from PROXY to PORTAL (8100 Hear...
    Toni Bonet
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  • TSPS 11.3.02 and mc_euid that contains "/"

    Hello, I'm evaluating 11.3.02 of TSPS and encountered a problem. For some events, I can not get "event details" that shows Summary/internals/object/source etc. To show event details, TSPS issue an API: GET /tsws/10...
    Baron Guillaume
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  • Design issues with TrueSight support for SAML authentication

    Two years ago BMC announced SAML authentication support for TrueSight 11.x.   To enable SAML support in TrueSight you have to create new realm/tenant and configure TrueSight as multi-tenant environment as docume...
    Mariusz Cwiklinski
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  • TSPS Entuity Network-> TopN

    Hi All,   We can see only 5 views from entuity into TSPS Entuity Network-> TopN view option regardless we have access to other views in entuity. Is this defalt bheviour ? or there is any way to ammend it as I...
    Priya Awasthi
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  • we receive OS alerts if the ping is not reachable? how can it possible.

    Hi Team,   I have a doubt, as per our configuration one of our customer servers are not reachable from collector server, so we have a ping alert. But still Patrol agent running and send us OS related information...
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  • Amount of Events in Event Groups not correct

    Hello Since we updated to TrueSight 11.3.02 some of the "Event Groups" in the TSPS are no longer correct. That means if I select only open events, nevertheless all events are displayed (see screenshot) Does someo...
    Reto Streit
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  • TSIMTrueSight Smart Reports operator console heat map view implementation in

    Hello We use TSIM heat map in operator console for NOC and managers views (Business and Technical Services levels with drill through to servers->events). I want to implement the same map in TrueSight Smart Report...
    Anatoly Gofman
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  • TrueSight REST-API Client V3.1.xx / Moving forward with TrueSight Automation ...

    Hi everybody,   the TrueSight REST-API Client (=TRAPIC) has grown more and more over the last months so finally I had to create an own product & download page for him ;-) So take a look at version 3.1.xx wi...
    Timo Schmidt
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  • Do we have a way to enable synthetic monitoring for the AIX OS based application

    Hi All,   Hope all doing well....!   I've a challenge that, Need to enable the synthetic monitoring for the WAS based application which is hosted on the AIX OS. As i can see in support document silkperfor...
    sabari yadavilli
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  • Patrol Agent Uninstallation & then Re-installation Fail

    Hello Everyone,   I tried uninstalling a PatrolAgent from a linux vm, and I got the following errors:       I opened the uninstallation log for more info and found the following:   [PROD]r...
    Ali Khoshkar
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  • Mc_host_class information is not populated for server threshold events

    Hi,   We have configured server threshold and agent threshold in CMA policy. Whenever alert is triggered from Patrol Agent (PATROL_EV) the mc_host_class info is published . But when server threshold event ALARM ...
    Deepak Kamath
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  • HELP ME I accidentaly deleted the default views on the TrueSight Smart Reporting.Is there a way to recreate it?

    HELP ME I accidentaly deleted the default views on the TrueSight Smart Reporting.Is there a way to recreate it?
    Bernardo Castro
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  • who did changes in the global table view?

    Hello everyone Is it somehow possible to see who did changes in global table view on TSPS, and perhaps what was changed? We have the problem that they are changed sometimes but we don't know why and by whom. Thanks...
    Reto Streit
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  • Truesight to CMDB Integration - Protocol used for communication

    Hi, I am trying to create a IP connectivity request to enable an integration between TS and CMDB. Can anyone tell me what protocol the integration uses for communication?   Thanks in advance. R
    Rukmini Narayanan
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  • TrueSight Presentation Server Access through ReverseProxy

    Hello everyone,     In our environment we use EntryServer to access applications and Provide SAML Authentication. This is actually also reverse Proxy and hides all real application servers addresses. We ma...
    Marek Ceizel
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  • Event to Ticket sync

    Hello, Would like to know if BMC® TrueSight® Operations Management™ can be integrated with SAP Solution manager - ITSM.   Event to Ticket Synchronization. The integration is possible with HP S...
    El Mehdi kadaoui
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  • Service monitoring

    Hello All   On a server all the services are getting monitored, we don't want to monitor all, what can be done in such case.   Working on TrueSight 11.0   Thanks Kiran Gupta
    Kiran Gupta
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  • All the services are getting monitored

    Hello All       On a server all the services are getting monitored, we don't want to monitor all, what can be done in such case?       Working on TrueSight 11.0       Th...
    Kiran Gupta
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  • Is there a way to display messages from a server on a dashboard?

    I have messages being sent from one server to another, and they get sent to a dead letter queue if they can't deliver to the other server. I know there's a monitor to view the size of the queue, but I want to be able ...
    Spencer Whitehead
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