• Truesight Log cleanup

    Is there anything in TrueSight that can be set to retain only x days of log files? OR is it a manual process digging all over the place to cleanup the really old log files?
    Anthony Valuikas
    created by Anthony Valuikas
  • Cloud offering

    Need to know either BMC is still offering cloud based monitoring solution like BMC Truesight Intelligence or Truesight Pulse or discontinued? Also BMC Middleware Management & Administration is still available?
    Babar Shamsi
    created by Babar Shamsi
  • TrueSight Presentation Server :You have reached the maximum limit of events to display. Review and refine the event filter criteria.

    Dear Experts,   I am getting the message on my TSPS :You have reached the maximum limit of events to display. Review and refine the event filter criteria..   This is under the services console for a CI ...
    Abhay Bhagat
    last modified by Abhay Bhagat
  • TrueSight  : Remotely Start Patrol Agent

    Dear Experts,   Please share the best practices/ways/experience you are using to start the patrol agent remotely in your deployments   Are you using any script, tool, Remote actions , any way from TSPS ,...
    Abhay Bhagat
    last modified by Abhay Bhagat
  • Monitoring Requirements Gathering

    Anyone have any templates user to document monitoring requirements including metrics, thresholds, applications, service models, event correlation ?
    Andrew MacIntosh
    created by Andrew MacIntosh
  • SMC components event correlation

    Hello members!   Just a quick question: does anyone have a best practice to correlate service state change event of a Business Service with the events that are impacting on it? We need this information to have a...
    Riccardo Merli
    last modified by Riccardo Merli
  • TSPS Web Services

    Has anyone had any luck using the web services for TSPS?   I need to get the following information out of it, but I'm running into problems trying to do so.   https://<MYDOMAIN>/tsws/10.0/api/omp...
    Michael Funke
    last modified by Michael Funke
  • Truesight

    Hi,   We have the following requirement I am aware that we can get these by Using True sight products,but want to reconfirm that it can be done using specific true sight Products.   1) We have  infra ...
  • Heartbeat API for BMC TrueSight Presentation Server

    Hi,   Is there any heartbeat API of TrueSight Presentation Server which can send keep alive messages at fixed time interval? TSPS version is 10.7 FP2.   Regards Ravinder Kumar
    Ravinder Kumar
    last modified by Ravinder Kumar
  • Change of Logo on TSPS

    Hi ,   Is it possible to Change the Logo of BMC on the Presentation server,we have done it on RSSO can we change the logo on Presentation server after we login.     Thanks in Advance,   Regards,...
  • Deploying project failed. Segue Execution Manager: 48 - Communication with compiler timed out.

    We are getting below execution error in our Synthetic monitoring. Restarting TEA agent or TEA Agent server didnt solve the issue. Have you seen this error before and how to fix it?     Error: Deploying proj...
    Swarna M
    last modified by Swarna M
  • How to start adding managed devices in TrueSight Presentation Server

    Hello Everyone,   I have installed TrueSight Operations Management and have moved on to begin configuration on all components. Unfortunately I can't seem to get Patrol agent talking back to my Presentation serve...
    Ali Khoshkar
    last modified by Ali Khoshkar
  • Default Password for TSIM COnsole

    HI,   What would be the default password for TSIM Console,User name is Admin.
  • Setting a new Repository

    Hi,   I am trying to setup a new repository in TSPS,could you please let me how to setup it locally on the server and then I can use it in TSPS console.   Thanks in Advance,
  • BPPM 9.6 Upgrade & Migration

    Hi Team,   We are currently using Truesight 10.5 & BPPM 9.6. We are planning to upgrade our truesight stack (10.5) to 10.7 including BPPM 9.6. We are currently using BPPM 9.6 only for Email2event integration...
    Amol Ramesh Borse
    last modified by Amol Ramesh Borse
  • Server is not visible in the Devices

    HI,   I have installed the Patrol Agent on 1 server ,when I am checking i am not able to find it in the Devices on Presentation server.
  • sentry monitor studion km monitoring template for mysql

    Hi   Monitoring MySQL Server 5.5 with Monitoring Studio - KB1121 | Sentry Software   I am using SEN_MSv91_MySQL.zip template to monitor mysql 5.6,but it seems there is no parameter for tables usage like da...
    Chao Liu
    last modified by Chao Liu
  • Difference with Microsoft SCOM

    How we compare BMC Truesight with Microsoft SCOM & OMS in environment where all platforms and applications are based on Microsoft?
    Babar Shamsi
    last modified by Babar Shamsi
  • Issue while Installing TSPS 11.3.01

    Hi,   We are installing TSPS and when are providing the RSSO deatils is is showing error .   Failed to connect to the Remedy SSO server We have both RSSO & TSPS on the Same server as we are doing i...
  • TrueSight REST-API Client V2.3.00 available ...

    (T)rueSight (R)est (API) (C)lient V2.3.00    TRAPIC is the first easy to use command line Rest-API client for BMC TrueSight Operations Manager. The tool provides a lot of different functions and connects...
    Timo Schmidt
    created by Timo Schmidt