• portal 2.11.00 agentless for MSSQL server 2008

    Hi   when we monitor sqlserver 2008 by agentless in portal. it failed with following errors.we found the following KA,but the monitored machine is not in AD domain.   KnowledgeArticle - BMC    ...
    Chao Liu
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  • Page file Utilization in windows server

    Hi Team,   We are using BPPM 9.6 Version and Patrol agent 11.0. As per our configuration the below alert was generated.   Summary: Page file Utilization is at 96.15% on XXXXX.     ...
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  • HTTP Status 500 - An exception occurred processing JSP page

    hello everybody        i have this issue, when i saw the TEA Agent View   and put in to click in the Syn ID, appers this error:     by other side in this view i can't del...
    roman viloria
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  • TS Synthetic - Browser Based Script - Execution Error

    Hello Team,   We are using Truesight 10.7 & agent version being same. Agents are process based agents as recommended by BMC. In synthetic monitoring, browser based application transactions, Some times we are...
    Swarna M
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  • Synthetic playback via TEA agent requires windows server with Terminal services when using thick client recordings

    Product: BMC truesight application visibility Synthetic monitoring Borland sillk   We have done a recording of a thick client in Borland silk recorder, when we playback that transaction we get an error, we have ...
    Jamil Hussain
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  • consult for event synchronous in the tsps

    Hi,     Info:   TSOM Version:11.3.02     Description:   After adding tsim to tsps sucessfully and propagating the events from tsim to tsps,if we delete events(class:patrol_ev,alarm)fr...
    tengjiao zhang
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  • create new metric alert in BPPM 9.6

    Hi Team,   I am new learner to learn BPPM9.6 version. Please help me on the below.   As per our present BPPM 9.6 configuration, we are not monitoring Linux servers Storage Disks(Attached Disk image). But d...
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  • where can i find installation log file

    Hi Team,   If i install the Patrol agent in Linux server, where can i find the installation log file, please let me know the location.
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  • Integration of TrueSight with SLACK

    Dear Experts ,   Did anyone integrated TrueSight Operations Manager with Slack . Where work happens | Slack   Let me know the feedback   Regards Abhay
    Abhay Bhagat
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  • RSSO Edit integration with Presentation Server

    Hi All ,     We have installed the Presentation server in Production environment but  we need to change RSSO hostname on PS .Can you suggest me is it possible to change the Hostname of RSSO after inst...
    Nilesh Wange
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  • Monitor the VPN service on Azure Cloud

    Dear  Experts,   Did anyone got a chance to monitor the VPN service on Microsoft Azure . If yes How   Waiting for your comments   Regards Abhay
    Abhay Bhagat
    created by Abhay Bhagat
  • BMC TrueSight vs Service Now : Pulling the Business metrices, Plotting and trending the data

    Dear Experts ,   Someone was talking to me regarding the business value usage of the TrueSight Analytical Engine (Baselines)   Did anyone did any use case for any banking related data/transactions by get...
    Abhay Bhagat
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  • BrowserClick(BrowserEngine: 29 - UI element not found )  in TEA

    Hi Team,   We are receiving following error message, when a prerecorded script try to simulate the URL availablity.     BrowserClick(BrowserEngine: 29 - UI element not found )     Referred be...
    Prasad Veerangan
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  • Patrol Agent service is not stable- frequently getting stopped

    HI Team,   We are getting the patrol agent service issue frequently. The service is going to stopped state frequently.We can see the below issue in the Agent error logs. We have verified the CPU and Memory of t...
    venkata ramesh ijjigani
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  • How to differentiate rate alerts in TSIM

    Hello All In one of our region we have different entities and we treat them differently in terms of alert operations. For example, we have entity A, B, C and D and all are having different MRLs and Enrichment rules. ...
    Pradeep Nagar
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  • Event deletion related consult in TSPS

      Info:   TSPS Version:11.3/11.3.01/11.3.02   TSIM Version:11.3/11.3.01/11.3.02     Decription:   If we delete some/all events in the TSIM using "mquery -n CELLNAME -a CLASS -s DELETE...
    tengjiao zhang
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  • Why IS server required ?

    Hi All,         My question is why we need IS server when its only use for sending events, there is no other use of it.       Is there any scenario that we can ...
    Ishant Walia
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    We are currently using WUM(web URL KM) to monitor the URLs.This KM is installed on Windows 2008. We are upgrading the OS from 2008 to 2016.But WUM km  is not supporting the win 2016 OS.We are thinking to migrate ...
    venkata ramesh ijjigani
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  • is it possible migrating TSOM components to a different Domain?

    Hello Dear Reader,   Thank you so much for your time!   We are in a stage to migrate some vms running RSSO, PS, IM, IS, AVM (TSOM Components) from one domain to another, please let me know what all configu...
    Ashish Kangaokar
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  • TSOM - CMDB - Can BMC_Equipment class gets  published on TSOM using pclassinfo in mc_sm_objec.baroc

    Dear Publishing server experts,   Someone was trying to publish a service model from CMDB and there is a component in service model with class BMC_Equipment , When the model gets published the CI with class BMC...
    Abhay Bhagat
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