• Could TS App Visibility send metrics to TS Smart Reporting?

    I'm searching information if TS App Visibility send metrics to TS Smart Reporting?   Reagards
    Luis Navia
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  • TSPS Installation- Unable to Login

    Hi Team, After installing the TSPS on the same box as the SSO, I am unable to login in with the default username and password (admin admin*****). I was able to login right after the installation and connect to the T...
    Eddie Trieu
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  • TrueSight 11.3.01 - Unable to push the MS SQL package on Patrol Agent

    Hi Experts,   We are facing an issue while pushing a deployable package to a Patrol Agent on Windows Server 2008. We have added Basic Health Monitoring to the same server but we are not able to perform the same...
    Sumit Hulgunde
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  • MRL refine rules applied to the past events

    How  can I aply the existing MRL refine rules to the past events (received at the time when such MRL refine rules did not exist). The events were triggered by mails coming from an external portal. Thank you!
    Sergiu Friptuleac
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  • Monitoring OpenShift with TrueSight

    Hello,   we use TrueSight 11.3.02.   We are starting to use OpenShift as our container-Platform.   How do other companies monitor their OpenShift-Environment? Do you use the Patrol for Kubernetes- a...
    Ferry Groot
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  • error 21 Client timed out mid-request ?

    in EUEM, can we increase the default timeout for error 21 from 30 second to 60 or more?
    loutfi samadi
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  • TSSR stored events compared to IDG

    Some of you might considering migrating from the Impact Database Gateway to TrueSight Smart Reporting for event reporting.   If you do so, you have to be aware that the events are stored a bit different in TSSR...
    Patrick Mischler
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  • server.xml (Access is denied) on TSPS

    Hello   It seems that since the update from TSPS TS11.0 to TS11.3.02 the server.xml file has lost permissions. TSPS is running on Windows.   I can see following error in tssh.log ERROR 06/05 13:38:13.384 ...
    Reto Streit
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  • Monitoring windows servers on different domain

    Hi,   I want to monitor Windows servers on different domain. how i can that?   Thanks Saddam Bani Hani
    Saddam Banihani
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  • Monitoring Cisco server with SNMP only

    Hi Team,   We have a scenario where we only have access to servers with SNMP is there any approach to use only SNMP to monitor system metrics like CPU, Memory and Disk.   We cannot use remote or agent-base...
    Shanmukha Kamesh Gunturi
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  • Integration of TrueSight with SLACK

    Dear Experts ,   Did anyone integrated TrueSight Operations Manager with Slack . Where work happens | Slack   Let me know the feedback   Regards Abhay
    Abhay Bhagat
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  • Script KM Output

    Hi All,   We are writing a script in our environment to execute various others scripts. Now as per the script KM document, the script KM output can be formatted and Monitor and Instance names can be created as r...
    Shweta Jhall
    created by Shweta Jhall
  • IP Address used by Patrol Agent on system with multiple IP Addresses

    Hi,   After installation, Patrol agent registers itself to BPPM with Hostname and IP Address.   On what basis Patrol Agent picks up the IP Address, in case if the host has multiple IP Addresses??   R...
    Ankur Wadhokar
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  • Filtering out events in Version:

    Hello everyone,   Other than the newly added noise reduction feature in 11.3 does anyone know how to filter out certain events from the presentation server?   For example, if I get a "MountStatus" alarm fo...
    Ali Khoshkar
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  • Alerts not propagating from bmc patrol central to Patrol explorer AAD console

    I have bmc patrol central version 7.9.20 in our setup and Patrol explorer AAD of version 2.3.02. Alerts are showing on servers in patrol central console but those events are not showing in Patrol explorer AAD. The p...
    saksham gupta
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  • Migration to Truesight from BPPM9.6

    Hi Team,   We need to Migrate our environment from BPPM 9.6 to Truesight.   Please let me know the procedure/details to how can we start, how can we backup existing data, what are the pre-requisites to mig...
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  • Event Relations: [ibrsd_error_association, 'IBRSD_SRC_IBRSD.pyfhyb.724494']

    Please explain the below Line, I saw this line BPPM operator console, related to one alert.   Event Relations: [ibrsd_error_association, 'IBRSD_SRC_IBRSD.pyfhyb.724494']
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  • Event Log file and Event details in BPPM

    Hi Team,   I want to check the Event details file and Event Log file location for BPPM 9.6. where can i find this event log file location in BPPM 9.6 server.
  • PCO - Authentication error for managed systems

    Lately I have been seeing this issue in Patrol Agents 10.0 and above, where they are throwing an authentication error when added in PCO console.  However, I never faced this issue in PA 9.6. I am aware that the d...
    Srinivasan Krishnasamy
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  • BMC integration into prometheus

    all, we are using grafana time series graphing tool, i want to be able to use this with BMC data, however there are no standard plugins from BMC for this, can you please advise when you are going to allow this? lots o...
    Jamil Hussain
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