• TS Operations Management REST API - Retrieving performance data documentation incomplete

    We have a 11.3 TSOM implementation and we are working to use the TSWS REST API to collect performance data of monitored servers.   We've successfully authenticated and can query for devices, monitor types and mo...
    Peter Kerwin
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  • can patrol for truesight self-monitoring be used to monitor BMC BPPM9.6?

    Hi,   I want to monitor BMC BPPM9.6 Server cell,e.g:propagated events, received events and so on,Can patrol for truesight self-monitoring be used to monitor BMC BPPM9.6?     Tks
    tengjiao zhang
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    Hi All,   I have completed following TSOM stand-alone installation process: -  Remedy Single Sign-On -  TrueSight Presentation Server -  TrueSight Core Component TSIM Server (Infrastructure Man...
    S. Abu Owais Bin Nasar
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  • Design issues with TrueSight support for SAML authentication

    Two years ago BMC announced SAML authentication support for TrueSight 11.x.   To enable SAML support in TrueSight you have to create new realm/tenant and configure TrueSight as multi-tenant environment as docume...
    Mariusz Cwiklinski
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  • Unable to connect TEA Agent to App Visibility portal

    Hello Foks,   I am facing issue in connecting TEA Agent to App Visibility portal - 11.3.   Below is the Error I am seeing in TEA Agent logs. Any Idea how can i solve this..   03-21 05:16:31 INFO ...
    Lokesh Durairaj
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  • Removal of HA configuration TrueSight

    Hi Community!   Does someone know what steps are necessary to remove the HA configuration in a TrueSight environment? There is no such scenario described in the documentation or I haven't found it yet.   ...
    Patrick Mischler
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  • Policy Based events

    Hi Everyone. On my environment, i have a infrastructure policy, for my Production servers (Linux and AIX). Critical events generated by this machines, usually have their messages changed, using MRLs, to (for example)...
    Bernardo Castro
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  • How do we configure PATROL Agent to forward Agent TagsTruesight?

    Hi,   Is there anyway to forward patrol agent tags to Truesight so that it can appear in any one of the slots in patrol event baroc ?   Thanks, Nischitha.
    Nischitha Markand Rao
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  • TSOM: Web Tier and Business Tier

    Hi Guys,   Just want to get your insights in this.   What is the main difference of Web Tier and Business Tier in TSOM? Is there something that needs to be configured before Business Tier will work?  ...
    Karlo Nico Amatorio
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  • can we use Patrol scripting KM for Windows?

    Hi, I am planning to use patrol scripting KM to monitor Linux,Unix host remotely and locally.   I want know if we can do monitoring of windows host through Patrol scripting KM.   Thanks.
    Anita Hatagale
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  • Getting "session has expired" when trying to open PA Query Window

    Hi Community!   I need some advice. I am getting the following Error when trying to open the PA Query Window from the Managed Devices View on TSPS: I am logged in to TSPS, wo why am I getting this error? The...
    Patrick Mischler
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  • TrueSight Self-Monitoring KM: Which account to connect when using SAML authentication

    Hi Community,   I am strugling with the TrueSight Self-Monitoring. KM. The Remedy SSO is configured for SAML authentication. According to the documentation, with SAML no fallback to LOCAL authentication is possi...
    Patrick Mischler
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  • Can you enable policies in TSPS using a cli

    We're looking to move policies between TSPS servers and although we have a mechanism for exporting and importing individual policies, we haven't found a way to enable the newly imported policies. Is there a way to do...
    Rich Bone
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  • To know more about TrueSight

    Hi Team,   Currently I am working and learning about TrueSight. Previously i am working on BPPM 9.6 version. I want clear my confusion and have a few question about TrueSight.   As per my knowledge i know ...
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  • TrueSight Self-Monitoring KM with SAML authentication

    Hi Community!   Does someone have experience with the TrueSight Self-Monitoring KM with SAML authentication configured in Remedy SSO?   Regards, Patrick
    Patrick Mischler
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  • Error while installing Smart Reporting Module for TrueSight 11.3

    Hi All,   I am facing below error while installing TrueSight Smart reporting once I gave the DB details.   I am using Windows Authentication and DB Pr-requisites are already in place using Batch Script. ...
    Anuparn Padalia
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  • PATROL for Remedy AR Server 2.0: Is it possible to override the mid-tier URL?

    Hello!   We configured the PATROL for Remedy AR Server 2.0. Unfortunately, the mid-tier URL discovered by the KM is the URL used from the outside. The KM cannot connect through this URL. Is it possible to overri...
    Patrick Mischler
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  • MSX strange display when trying to access PA web interface

    Hi there!     I get the following strange display when trying to access the PA we interface (Monitoring Studio X): Any ideas?   Regards, Patrick
    Patrick Mischler
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  • Issue While Publishing Impact Model from CMDB to TrueSight

    Hello Everyone,   I have query regarding Impact Model Designer. For example, I have 100 CIs under a Model and instead of publishing 100 CIs, can i publish only selected10 CIs to TrueSight ? As of now I have cha...
    Abhay Kumar
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  • Need to download the trail software

    Hi All,   Iam a new for this BMC Product... Can you please help me to get the trail software for BMC True sight management. I don't have the valid SAID or any other customer id..   Awaiting response from t...
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