• Remote Monitoring

    Hi,   One of our customer has TSOM, Where it is used PA and remote monitoring to monitor some servers. i have some questions about this situation:   *How i can know the number of servers that be monitore...
    Saddam Banihani
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  • Broadcast Failed for items assigned to Administrator

    I am one of three people that have been asked to manage TrueSight Smart Reporting and when logging in, there are a number of administrative tasks listed and reviewing them it appears that they are reports that have be...
    Jon Trotter
    created by Jon Trotter
  • Integrating EUEM with App Visibility in 11.3

    Hi,   We would like to integrate EUEM with App Visibility, we read "Integrating end-user experience monitoring with deep-dive application diagnostics" in the TrueSight Applications Management 11.3 documentation....
    Roberto Barnes
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  • TrueSight Operations Management integration with TrueSight Orchestration

    To integrate TrueSight Operations Management (TSOM) with TrueSight Orchestration (TSO) should TSOM and TSO be registered under same RSSO?   I don't find any detail related to this in the document.
    Mohnish Rajpal
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  • disable and enable IBRSD

    Hi Team,   How can i disable IBRSD while Remedy upgrade and enable IBRSD after Remedy upgrade. Please let me know the process ASAP.
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  • Azure event integration with TrueSight Infrastructure Management

    I know there is an KM available for pulling data from Azure but we need to be able to get events pushed from Azure via Web Services, using the Azure Webhook capability.  Has anyone managed to do this before?
    John Clitheroe
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  • Do we have an option to monitor the changes in the ar.conf file

    Hi Team,   Is there any option to monitoring .conf files for missing lines or words in AR configuration files.
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  • No Infrastructure Management components are in connected state

    The error message No Infrastructure Management components are in connected state appears on my Truesight presentation server -   I cannot figure out why this would be happening as all the processes are running ...
    Owen Stillman
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  • Event is not getting reopened after removing blackout

    Hi   We are doing blackout on regular bases for some device events which are coming from Entuity, However, after finishing of time frame and manually removing event is still showing in blackout status with the ...
  • The policy changes cannot be edited. An internal server error occurred. Contact your administrator. TrueSight

    No one is able to change any policy in Truesight due to below error. The error persists even after restarting TrueSight application servers. Also, I am not able to run tssh logger command to enable trace.   "The...
    Ravi Gupta
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  • Storage Monitoring using TSOM 11.3.0 ?

      Is there a way to monitor Hitachi Storage using TSOM without using Sentry Patrol KM Storage monitoring ? Is there different module which comes with TSOM by default ?
    Shariq Basha
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  • TSSR RE processes very old events after restart

    After restarting the TrueSight Smart Reporting Report Engine (RE) used to get events into TSSR , it takes a long time (several hours) until recent events are processed and appear in TSSR. The logs indicate, that it is...
    Patrick Mischler
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  • smart report

    Hi everyone,   For installing TrueSight smart reporting, i downloaded the following setup files:   1)BMC_TrueSight_Infra_Mgmt_11.3.01_Reporting_Windows 2)TrueSight-SmartReporting-11-3-01   is it p...
    Saddam Banihani
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  • What will happen to EUEMSE After Flash Player End Of Life

    Dears,   I have a question related to EUEMSE "BMC End User Experience Monitoring Software Edition".  All Dashboard for EUEMSE is based on Flash player.   We need to know what will happen to EUEMSe a...
    Mohamed Eraky
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  • setup TSOM on the Azure estate step by step

    Hi All,   We are looking at Implementing TSOM on AZURE do we have any document available which describes step by step on how to set it up.     Thanks in Advance,
  • Deploying an additional BMC Truesight IM  in (Linux) AWS Platform

    Hi,   Does anyone had performed deploying BMC  Truesight Core components  "Infrastructure Event Management Server" in AWS platform, "Linux Box - RedHat" >>What all risk are likely to be expecte...
    Mahesh Thounaojam
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  • For Any Having Trouble Installing And Configuring Patrol Agents On Linux Hosts...

    UPDATE: In TSOM 11.3.02 and up, the Patrol agent will be installed as a service on Linux by default. So these instructions apply only to TSOM 11.3.01 and prior versions.   Hey all,   My team and I are far ...
    Chase Colvin
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  • Adding TrueSight Smart Reporting as a component in TrueSight Presentation Server

    Hi,   I try to adding Smart Report server as a component in TSPS but the status swapping between Initializing and Initializing Error.   Kindly note: - we installed Smart Report on windows Server (A) and c...
    Saddam Banihani
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  • BMC Truesight integration with SCOM 2016 through adapter

    Hi Everyone   We are implementing BMC Truesight 11.3 as MOM for which we are integrating the SCOM 2016  with it , While going through the adapter pre-requisites (link below)found that it need RMS hostname F...
    Amit Garg
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  • Service Outage duration

    Hi all in one of our customer with TS 11.0 and BSR 3.11, outage records in front of service UNAVAILABLE not closing as expected. We supposed that the outage record should close when the service went from UNAIVALABLE...
    Maurizio Bollino
    created by Maurizio Bollino