• How do I gets Linux command output from the server that sent the event to my mc_long_msg slots?

    Hi   I am new to MRL and enrichment for Truesight and wonder if it is possible to for example enrich my event with command output dh -h on the agent host and then store the output to mc_long_msg slot ?   ...
    Hung Bui
    created by Hung Bui
  • Event delay

    Hi all. We want to slow down the event to be sent to TS in X number of minutes for windows service. I have try in Global Thresholds> Microsoft Windows Servers: Windows Service: Service Status Changed duration, d...
    Mikael Edlund
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  • Splunk Intergration with TSOM

    Hi all,   Looking for some help and guidance.   We have an Enterprise Splunk instance which will be used to gather data from a number of applications. One of the key areas we're looking at is Event and Per...
    Daniel Barella
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  • Event Rules - Where are they written?

    While installing a new system 11.3.03, I noticed that my event rules in the TSOM Console are disappearing. I had 25 now 10 are just missing. So my question is when you build an event rule in the TSOM console under Eve...
    Anthony Valuikas
    created by Anthony Valuikas
  • Log Monitoring - Custom Event Message

    Hi Community, I've created a Policy for Log Monitoring of a Text file. I'm having two search strings that needs to be valid for the an Event to be created. Search String 1 : PVAL=0 Search String 2 : SendEvent:55 ...
    Jan Persson
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  • Create event using TSOM API through powershell

    Hi,   I have created a Powershell script which consumes Truesight login API and generates an authentication token and later saved in a text file.   Now, i want to use the same authtoken from the text file ...
    Achin Kalia
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  • TSIM 11.3.04 installation issues

    Hi TrueSight-Community,   I am encountering some difficulties while installing TSIM 11.3.04 on a RHEL 8 System. The installation progresses until the start of the processes. For some reasons the JMS cannot be st...
    Patrick Mischler
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  • TSOM 11.3.04 Architecture

    Hello team,   Did any change happen on Architecture for TSOM after new version 11.3.04, do we still need a TSIM server  or can we neglect it?
    Saddam Banihani
    last modified by Saddam Banihani
  • patrol for oracle enterprise database km v2.0:patrol user using a lot of oracle cursors

    Hi   we found patrol user using a lot of oracle cursors .and found  the following 2 SQL  are using a lot of cursors.   but we have disabled "wait events" category in monitoring policies,why patro...
    Chao Liu
    last modified by Chao Liu
  • BMC TrueSight Operations Management 11.3.04 is GA!

    BMC Software is pleased to announce the release of TrueSight Operations Management 11.3.04.      Be sure to check out the release notes for a complete / detailed list of changes https://docs.bmc.com/d...
    Thad White
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  • TSOM: Grant Permissions on Specific Servers/Events/Dashboards to Specific AD Users

    Dears,   I am working with TSOM 11.3 and will integrate with AD for users login.   Now, I need to grant permissions on specific servers/events/dashboards/actions to specific AD users not AD group.   ...
    Ahmed Salman
    last modified by Ahmed Salman
  • Creating server availability report in TSSR

    Hi Team,   We have out of the box availability report which provide incorrect data of server unavailable if there is any critical event even though the server is up and running fine.   Can we create server...
    Achyut Prakash
    last modified by Achyut Prakash
  • Distributed Service Model - Register cells in BMC Atrium Core

    Hi. When i create CI in AtriumCore i can choose Cell:* (DefaultCell) where will this model be published. Can i add one "remote cell" tho this one and create distributed service modell to this remote cell and "Defau...
  • BPM express for oracle :ACS parameter alert "BMC-PM3000013E"

    Hi         this is oracle 18c,and the  BPM express for oracle PAR version is 2.8.57,portal version is 2.11.00. It is monitored OK before,suddenly it alert and please check the erro...
    Chao Liu
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  • Folder Monitoring

    Hello,   We are in the process of transferring monitoring from sentry Monitoring studio to other KM's. As part of our existing monitoring we of course also monitor folders. for example: the amount of existing f...
    Arik Damari
    last modified by Arik Damari
  • Change Owner of a Dashboard in TrueSight Presentation Server

    One of our employees was responsible for building a series of Dashboards for VIPs in our company, and sadly has left. Because they still own the dashboards, we're unable to make changes. Is there a way to reassign own...
    David Taggart
    last modified by David Taggart
  • Create an event in TrueSight using a REST call from PowerShell.

    Does anyone have an example of how to create an event in TrueSight using a REST call from PowerShell. I would like an example of both how to get an authenticate token and how to generate an event
    Peter Kofoed
    last modified by Peter Kofoed
  • TSPS Event View Toolbar - Add Actions

    Hello Community,   The Event View on the TSPS console offers the possibility to work with events. I would like to ask, if it is possible to modify the toolbar e.g. add some actions to it. Has someone did this a...
    Patrick Mischler
    last modified by Patrick Mischler
  • Publish Problem: Service Models cannibalize themselves

    Hello Did someone see this phenomenon already? We have several service models and each one seems to be fine. If I publish only a bunch of them it looks fine. But as soon as all 38 models are published we see that ...
    Reto Streit
    created by Reto Streit
  • tssh event reinitialize. TrueSight Consoles lose synchrony

    In a TrueSight Presentation 11.3.02   After execute tssh event reinitialize command, the truesight presentation server get the more recent events from TrueSight Infrastructure Management, but you have to execute...
    Alejandro Cortes
    last modified by Alejandro Cortes