• TrueSight Presentation Server Upgrade

    Hi, Just want to see if anyone has Upgraded TrueSight Presentation Server HA from v10.7 to v11.3 with all fix packs on the Primary Server first and then on the Secondary? Previously I've done the Upgrade on Primary ...
    Jan Persson
    created by Jan Persson
  • How do you determine if a publish cmd is actually running

    when I restart the publish server it auto starts a publish once connection to AtriumCMDB is established.  The only way I have found to determine if a publish is running at that time is to execute a Publish and wa...
    Charles Minter
    created by Charles Minter
  • Can I use mquery to list events and their mc_ueid?  If so can someone share the syntax, if not is there a way for me to get it and how?

    Can I use mquery to list events and their mc_ueid?  If so can someone share the syntax, if not is there a way for me to get it and how?
    Charles Minter
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  • Linux Remote Monioring Disks

    Hi Community!   I have configure Disks for Linux remote monitoring but no data is collected. What is needed in order to collect Disk data remotely with the Linux KM?   Regards, Patrick
    Patrick Mischler
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  • TrueSight Pres Server How to change dashboard background color

    Hello gurus one of our customer using TrueSight 11.0 would like to change the background color of the Presentation Server custom dashboards. Does anybody know how to do it?   Thank you for your help. Maurizio
    Maurizio Bollino
    created by Maurizio Bollino
  • TrueSight Smart Reporting - how to create a new field with character changes

    Hello I need to create a new field in my report from Monitor Instance Full Name to provide the correct name. It's related to the SQL servers instances when SQL server have more then one instance. For example: Moni...
    Anatoly Gofman
    created by Anatoly Gofman
  • TrueSight Smart Reporting - multiple queries in report

    Hello, In SAP BO i can run the multiple queries in same report to provide different parameters (for example row data and hourly average data) in one report. Screenshot attached below: Can i have a same ability in ...
    Anatoly Gofman
    created by Anatoly Gofman
  • PATROL for Light Weight Protocols - Port Monitor

    Hi Community!   Does somebody know how the Port Monitor of the PATROL for Light Weight Protocols technicaly checks the ports? I have a case where it appears to cause issues for the application the checked port ...
    Patrick Mischler
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  • mquery giving error BMC_TS-IMC330011E

    Hello Experts,   I'm trying to take backup of selector and policy using shell script and I'm getting this error "mquery: MQUERY: BMC_TS-IMC330011E: Switch -Q or - or input files cannot be combined with any of -d...
    Raghava PH
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  • Usage license on TrueSight

    Hi Expert, We purchase the license of TrueSight Operation as follows: How can we map the information on the purchase to the information on the system. How do we know if we are using more than we bought? Many th...
    Bien Dang
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  • How to stop auto delete events after 30days

    Hi Experts,   How we can stop events auto delete after 30 days in Tsom. If the issue is still persist. Ex - PA got disconnected event delete after 30 days.   Thanks and regards, Raghava PH
    Raghava PH
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  • Blackout Policy - CMA.log entry: cannot manage patrol agents ... due to ACL restrictions: []

    Hello Everybody!   Has somebody come accross the following message in the CMA.log of the TSPS:   WARN 05/14 08:33:42.783 [Thread-74,EXECUTOR_POOL] CMA Data received is either null or empty.Blackout details ...
    Patrick Mischler
    last modified by Patrick Mischler
  • Can we monitor Active directory federation service using Patrol Agent? Is there an knowledge module available to monitor ADFS?

    Most of the people confuse ADFS with Active directory. Just to clarify, Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) is is an extension of Active Directory. While active directory serves to contain user ident...
    Amit Upadhyay
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  • Could I create many users at the same time in Remedy SSO for Truesight?

    Is it possible to create with a template, or something like that, many users in Remedy SSO?   Thanks a lot.
    Ingrid Ussa
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  • Creating server availability report in TSSR

    Hi Team,   We have out of the box availability report which provide incorrect data of server unavailable if there is any critical event even though the server is up and running fine.   Can we create server...
    Achyut Prakash
    created by Achyut Prakash
  • BPPM (9.6) REST API - send event over HTTP to BPPM

    Hi All,   Hope all doing good,   We have one requirement to integrate one  application with bppm 9.6 where event will be sent over the rest api as payload.   I am going through with several post...
    Dhirendra SIngh
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  • Sentry Monitoring Studio X: Dynamic File Monitoring

    Hi Monitoring Studio Experts!   I have an interesting scenario. Text files are written to a directory. The content of the text files should be transformed into events. I thought, the Monitoring Studio KM should ...
    Patrick Mischler
    last modified by Patrick Mischler
  • TrueSight Devices View - Filter devices with PATROL Agent

    Hello Community!   When working with the Devices View on TSPS Console it would be tremendous helpful to be able to filter all devices with a PATROL Agent. There is even a column which shows the count of agents f...
    Patrick Mischler
    created by Patrick Mischler
  • TSPS & TSIM URL change

    Hi all!   Is it possible to change the URLs of TSPS and TSIM?   Default is: https://<TSPS_FQDN> https://<TSIM_FQDN>   I would like to change it to: https://<TSPS_FQDN>/tsps/ htt...
    Patrick Mischler
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  • PATROL for Scripting - local PowerShell-Script

    Hello community!   I need your help. I try to configure the KM PATROL for Scripting to execute a local PowerShell script. I haven't got it working. I tried for some time and I am a bit frustrated.   Can s...
    Patrick Mischler
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