• MTL - Is it possible to do a BMC_Class lookup on an event?

    Hi there. The question may be silly - I believe it would be too heavy, but asking anyway.   Is there a way to do a lookup to figure out the BMC_Class associated with an event based on the host? Host is used to...
    Olivier Kovacs
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  • how can i enable/disable these type of email notifications in BPPM server

    Hi Team,   We are getting below email notifications messages from BPPM servers. How can i enable/disable it?   "BMC ProactiveNet System Warning!! Disk on NASTISWBMCBPPM2 is more than 80 Percentage full"
  • Monitoring Server Availability

    Which KM's, metrics and configurations are you using to determine when a server is unavailable (shutdown, restarted, unresponsive) ? There is some debate on the correct approach in allowing us to be notified immediate...
    Andrew MacIntosh
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  • Executing PSL commands against multiple remote agents

    Has anyone developed a solution to execute PSL commands against multiple remote agents simultaneously? Executing PSL commands from the TSPS Query Agent window is fine for one-offs but we have situations where running ...
    Andrew MacIntosh
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  • TSPS & TSIM URL change

    Hi all!   Is it possible to change the URLs of TSPS and TSIM?   Default is: https://<TSPS_FQDN> https://<TSIM_FQDN>   I would like to change it to: https://<TSPS_FQDN>/tsps/ htt...
    Patrick Mischler
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  • Red Hat Or Windows, which operating system is recommended to install BMC TrueSight Operation Management?

    Which operating system is recommended to install BMC TrueSight Operation Management Windows or Linux   I am in a project to implement TSOM but I need advantages and disadvantages of installing TSOM in Red Hat an...
    Enrique Salg
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  • TrueSight Events to Problem Ticket

    Hello!   Is it possible to directly open a Problem Ticket from an event in TrueSight?   Regards, Patrick
    Patrick Mischler
    created by Patrick Mischler
  • How can i read custom log in bmc truesight to trigger events.

    I have installed BMC true sight and what I want to do is, we want to read the custom log files, find specific logs pattern and shot an event. Anyone please help on this.
    Rashid Ali
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  • PATROL Agent Event Rules

    Hi Community!   I have a strange phenomen. I have created an Event Rule on a PATROL Agent to substitute the event message text.   /EventRules/STD/11/WUM_URL/wlsdepl/Availability   REPLACE   S...
    Patrick Mischler
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  • Can we have our ISN cell in HA mode for a SNMP source to send us SNMP traps?

    Hi All,   Can we have our ISN cell in HA mode for a SNMP source to send us SNMP traps? If yes, any guidance on how to configure it.   Scenario :   We have multiple 2rd party tools sending traps to us...
    Gazal Sharda
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  • MRL rules which contain if-then-else construct

    Could you please provide me with real examples of MRL files which contain if-then-else construct. I need to see the correct syntax. Thank you so much!!
    Sergiu Friptuleac
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  • TSOM Dashboard - Add a dashlet with info from ITSM

    Hello,   Does anyone know if there is some kind of integration available or a way to bring as a dashlet on TSOM an ITSM query. Basically we would like to show on the TSOM dashboard a list of open Incidents in IT...
    Alvaro Hojas
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  • Does anyone has the way to add more dashlet into dashlet library?

    This is the Application Performance Management Console. On the Dashlet Library has only 8 dashlets. In contrast, the dashlet library on the APM analyzer have a lot of dashlets than this. My point of view is to add m...
    Sunisa Apibansmut
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  • (T)rueSight (R)EST (API) (C)lient II V1.0.xx / Supporting TSOM 11.3.03 & Helix Monitor

    TRAPICII is the second generation of the easy to use command line REST-API client for BMC TrueSight Operations Manager and BMC Helix Monitor (BETA). The Toolset provides a lot of different functions and connects to th...
    Timo Schmidt
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  • Top Consuming Process should be appeared in CPU & Memory Alert

    Team, When any CPU or Memory alerts get generated, customer wants top 5 consuming process when any alert generates for CPU/Memory for Windows as well as unix.   I gone through various links & got it that we...
    Chaitanya Gokhale
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  • Disk Alarm with %Pct left plus Free GB

    Team,   When we configure any disk alarm it give us % left in alarm metric. Can we get % left plus remaining space in mb/gb as well in event.
    Chaitanya Gokhale
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  • E: ERROR: initialiseCosSubsystem() - createServer() - tcp:RT_SERVER_IP:2059

    Getting this error in patrol error log. RT server service is up and target server able to ping RT server on port 2059. Getting above error since past 2 weeks after installing patrol agent on windows servers. Please...
    saksham gupta
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  • On Event Closing it takes 30 Minutes to update the assigned Incident

    Hello Everybody,   I've again a question about configuration. I have a problem with updating the assigned Incident from an Event. If I create or acknowledge the event it takes less than a minute to create or add...
    Stefan Telley
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  • Can we execute JAR file from MRL directly

    BMC TrueSight 10.7   I can execute a BATCH file from MRL using execute action primitive. But unable to execute a JAR file.   To the best of my understanding and referring the BMC docs, any external progra...
    Ehtisham Ali
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  • Event trigger

    We was working on a usecase where I need to perform incident monitoring, we have to check the INC queue and if there is any WO or INC in the remedy we need to trigger the workflow. Please help me how this could be ac...
    Shivani Donga
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