• TSOM: Grant Permissions on Specific Servers/Events/Dashboards to Specific AD Users

    Dears,   I am working with TSOM 11.3 and will integrate with AD for users login.   Now, I need to grant permissions on specific servers/events/dashboards/actions to specific AD users not AD group.   ...
    Ahmed Salman
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  • Monitoring An Environment That Uses Data Diodes

    Is there a way of monitoring an environment that has data diodes in place to limit the flow of traffic to one way?   Many thanks,   Stuart
    Stuart Reid
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  • Tsws Authentication

    Hi everyone, We are trying to integrate Azure Monitor, with our Truesight on premises infrastrucutre, using Azure Log analytics, to send alerts to TSIM Web Service. Turns out, that on azure webhook, we could not fin...
    Bernardo Castro
    created by Bernardo Castro
  • how to monitoring SQL query output

    Hi Team,   I have a request to to monitor SQL query, the output is some numbers, If the value >7 i need to generate the alert. How can i monitoring that SQL query in BPPM 9.6. Query is provided by customer. I...
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  • Did Anyone forwarded event from TrueSight cell to Splunk

    Dear Experts ,   Did Anyone forwarded event from TrueSight cell to Splunk   or what is best possible way to achieve the same
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  • Patrol Agent install using TSOM

    I am trying in install a patrol agent in Linux using the steps here (TrueSight Operations environment) https://docs.bmc.com/docs/PATROLAgent/11302/installing-in-a-truesight-operations-environment-828956018.html Ver...
    Matt Stringham
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  • Absolute Global thresholds deleted for Log monitoring in BPPM

    Hi Team,   We have a issue with Absolute Global thresholds, My Previous team updated the all monitoring metrics Absolute Global thresholds in BPPM 9.6 Using Options Menu in Operation console. While we verified ...
  • Truesight TEA Agent Silent Installation  modify default value by <ArchiveRollingMax>

    hello community Is there a way to cance a configuration value for the parameter <ArchiveRollingMax>  "AgentConfiguration.xml  by the TAE Agent silent installation? The default is 15, but I would like...
    Claudio Toma
    created by Claudio Toma
  • Can we monitor Active directory federation service using Patrol Agent? Is there an knowledge module available to monitor ADFS?

    Most of the people confuse ADFS with Active directory. Just to clarify, Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) is is an extension of Active Directory. While active directory serves to contain user ident...
    Amit Upadhyay
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  • Info(BrowserEngine: 83 - Browser engine terminated)

    We are using Truesight 11.3.02 version & agents also same version.. For browser_based(ajax) scripts we are using process based agents. However, we are getting the execution error Info(BrowserEngine: 83 - Browser ...
    Swarna M
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  • Overwriting global threshold with Policy Threshold

    TrueSight-Version: 11.3.02   Hello community,   We have configured for Linux-CPU a global signature Threshold.     Now we would like to create a Policy to change that threshold for some agents...
    Ferry Groot
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  • TSOM Infrastructure Policies password change for all policies using a common account - how?

    We use a common account for our TSOM Infrastructure Policies and periodically have to manually change all the policies to reflect changes to our common account password.  Doing this manually for each policy is qu...
    Thurlow Caffey
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  • Some useful TrueSight Dashlets ;-)

    Hi guys,   here are the next results of my TSPS / Angular research ;-) Based on a request of one of my customers we have created two small but useful TrueSight Dashlet's   Take a closer look at TAUBER De...
    Timo Schmidt
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  • Multi Tenancy not working

    Hello Experts !!   We are trying to achieve Multi Tenancy. We have created New Realm Id and kept Local as the authentication mode. Also, we have created new user and new group into the newly created Realm. We ha...
    Anuj Bathvi
    created by Anuj Bathvi
  • Silk performer crashes regularly

    Hi,   We are using Silk Performer 20.0 to create synthetic scripts. However, it crashes regularly, in the event viewer of the windows computer it shows "Application Error" Faulting application name: Performer.ex...
    Roberto Barnes
    created by Roberto Barnes
  • Need Guidance for Truesight Operations Management BCP Exam

    Dear All,   I am planning to give Truesight operations management BCP certification exam. If anybody has completed BCP certification on truesight, please share your experience.     Thanks, Amol Borse
    Amol Ramesh Borse
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  • Find user logged in on TSPS

    Dear all,   is there an easy way to find out how many user were logged in on the TSPS during a specific time period?   Thanks in advance for your help and have a great day Cheers Markus
    Markus Siegenthaler
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  • HP Hardware Array/Disk

    Is it possible to create a monitoring of HP Hardware Array/Disk without using Sentry KM. If so please give me a link where I can read that information. Have been looking for hours at BMC for this
    Mikael Edlund
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  • Install agent using Global Managed Service Account (gMSA) in Windows

    Patrol version 11.3.02   I need to be able to install the PATROL agent using a gMSA domain account without a password.  The gMSA has no password.  When I set the install up in the repository I can leav...
    Matt Stringham
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  • TSIM keeps "stuck" while starting JMS after installing Service Pack 11.3.03

    After installing Service Pack 11.3.03 the TSIM keeps "stuck" while starting JMS:   [truesight@tsim2 conf]$ pw sys start     BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Command Line Interface 2019 version ...
    Patrick Mischler
    created by Patrick Mischler