• How well can TrueSight compete with open source monitoring tools?

    Hi all,   I am quite sure that some of you have made experiences with open source monitoring tools. With this poll I would like to get your opinion how well TrueSight can compete wit those tools.   Feel ...
    Patrick Mischler
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  • PATROL Windows Remote Monitoring: How Many Devices?

    We've determined that while there is no theoretical limit to the number of Windows devices you can remotely monitoring with a PATROL agent, we have tested to 75 with the Event Log KM and 125 without the Event Log KM (...
    Seth Paskin
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  • Middleware Management on Mobile Devices (part 2)

    Here's the second poll in a series about using mobile devices to access BMC's Middleware Management solutions.   In this poll, tell us what type of mobile device you would use to access Middleware Monitor or Mid...
    Scott Bleasdell
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  • Middleware Management on Mobile Devices (part 1)

    This is part 1 of a short series of polls where we are asking customers for input on the importance of accessing BMC's Middleware Management solutions from a mobile device.   For this poll, please tell us whethe...
    Scott Bleasdell
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