• Troubleshooting Issue with TrueSight Presentation Server 11.3.03 Upgrade

    Upgrading TrueSight Presentation Server to version 11.3.03 while Monitoring Studio X Component is already installed and configured in your environment will prevent the proper loading of the Monitoring Studio X Compone...
    Razeem Mohamed
    created by Razeem Mohamed
  • I'm going to be in Portland, OR on January 25th

    Hey folks I'm based out of Austin but I'll be in Portland, OR on Saturday January 25th for an event at my alma mater - Reed College. It's related to podcasting, which is something else I do besides work at BMC Softwa...
    Seth Paskin
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  • TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server HA using Windows Failover Clustering on Azure Virtual Machines

    Before you begin What to know What to have Step 1: Create virtual machines Step 2: Configure the Windows Failover Cluster with S2D Add Windows Failover Clustering feature Validate the cluster ...
    Shripal Chopda
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  • Kubernetes log analytics with Truesight ITDA

    Logs are crucial to help you understand what is happening inside your Kubernetes cluster.   Even though most applications have native logging mechanism out of the box, in the distributed and containerized enviro...
    Shripal Chopda
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  • Best practice for balancing your Synthetic TEA Agents between Windows Systems

    As your system grows, you may want to start putting multiple Synthetic TEA agents on a single Windows system.  It is BMC best practice when you do this to only have 1 TEA Agent from a single location on each mach...
    Lisa Jahrsdoerfer
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  • Trending in Support - Rules for Early and Accurate Problem Detection - Reasons for using Synthetic Metric Rules over SLAs

    One of the greatest challenges users face today is defining what is a problem versus what is normal behavior. Synthetic Metric Rules (SMRs) were introduced in TrueSight Synthetic 10.7. They are used to define how synt...
    Diane Porter
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  • Trending in Support: Why does my application status in TrueSight Presentation Server (TSPS) change to critical, but I do not get any alerts from my Application Management (AM) KM or Synthetic Metric Rules (SMR)?

    You can use the SLA to change the status of your applications in the TSPS console and you can also use the AM KM with TrueSight Infrastructure Management (TSIM) to alert if an event threshold is breached n times in a ...
    Lisa Jahrsdoerfer
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  • Meet the Champions: Roland Pocek

    Hello TrueSight Operations Mgmt Family,   We are happy to announce a new 'Meet The Champions' blog post series, to spotlight those awesome members who dedicate their time to help other members of our community. ...
    Seth Paskin
    created by Seth Paskin
  • Register for the Brand New Advanced TSOM 11.x Trainings !!!

    Hello World,   Are you worried about the management of thousands of events generated by your infrastructure? Are you using many event adapters? Do you want to know about event collector functionality? What abou...
    Vrushali Athalye
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  • BMC announces a completely new "PATROL for Oracle Enterprise Database KM 1.0

    BMC announces its brand-new version of KM to monitor the Oracle Enterprise Database in most simplified and user-friendly way.   While monitoring your Oracle Databases, are you worried about: providing sys crede...
    Mohit Pandit
    created by Mohit Pandit
  • Docker - Truesight repository package container image

    PATROL Agent and KMs in Docker Containers   Overview: This blog explains a way to create Docker image of Truesight repository package. Using this, one can build Docker image of Truesight repository package to run...
    Shripal Chopda
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  • Mark Your Calendar for the TrueSight Operations 10.7 Webinar

    Have you heard the news? TrueSight Operations Management 10.7 is Now Available!  We're excited to invite you to a webinar on Tuesday, April 11th at 11:00am CDT where you will learn about the new capabilities in t...
    Grace Moceri
    created by Grace Moceri
  • Trending Support - How to Change Beacon Post from HTTP to HTTPS:

      Why would you change the beacon post from HTTP to HTTPS?   However, before explaining why we want to change the beacon post, let discuss what is a beacon post within the App Visibility End User Monitori...
    Yashwant Singh
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  • Announcing New ILT Courses and Certified Associate Exams for TrueSight Operations Management 11.x!

    Excited to announce the availability of the following role based trainings and certified associate exams on TrueSight Operations Management 11.x.   New ILT Courses: BMC TrueSight Operations Management 11.x: Fund...
    Rasika Sarnaik
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  • Unlock more Value From your BMC Suite with Entuity Network Analytics for TrueSight Operations Management

    BMC TrueSight Operations Management users can now get more out of their network data.  Entuity Network Analytics seamlessly integrates with TrueSight, to provide your IT team with the complete tools they need for...
    Hannah Speer
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  • Monitoring Studio X Beta Version is Available!

    We are very excited to announce that Monitoring Studio X beta is ready!   Monitoring Studio X is the next generation of Sentry Software well-known and powerful toolbox that you have widely adopted to shape and c...
    Razeem Mohamed
    created by Razeem Mohamed
  • TrueSight Operations Management 11.x Operators Training Available Now !!!

    Consider the following typical business scenario:   Effective operation management is essential for maintaining a healthy and thriving business. IT operations must keep applications, infrastructure, middleware...
    Vrushali Athalye
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  • Best Practice for Synthetic TEA Agents running as a Windows process

    Why should I have minimal access and very few applications running on my system that is hosting a TEA Agent?   Typically, you run a Truesight Synthetic TEA Agent as a process because your script will need access...
  • Will you join us in the city that never sleeps?

    Coming up on October 18, 2018 is BMC’s annual user event, the BMC Exchange in New York City!   During this free event, there will be thought-provoking keynotes including global trends and best practices....
    Kim Wharton
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  • What is application Management?

    By definition Application Management is a combination of the provision of services for application and support for application systems throughout their entire lifecycle. User support is offered and the supported softw...
    Fred Breton
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